Nike Releases Ad Featuring Transgender Athlete Chris Mosier

Nike released a boundary-breaking ad featuring transgender duoathlete Chris Mosier, who earned a spot on the Team USA sprint duathlon for the 2016 men's World Championships. The ad will run during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. 

The Human Rights Campaign reports that, “Today, Nike released a groundbreaking ad featuring Chris Mosier, a transgender duathlete, who was chosen for Team USA for the 2016 World Championship. 


The ad will air on NBC during the Olympics.


Mosier is the first transgender athlete to qualify for a U.S. national team, earning a spot on the Team USA sprint duathlon men’s squad for the 2016 World Championships.


During the ad featuring Mosier training and in competition, he is asked a series of questions: “How did you know you’d be fast enough to compete against men?” “Or strong enough?” “How’d you know the team would accept you? Or that you’d even be allowed to compete?”


To each question, Mosier replies “I didn’t” as he runs and cycles. 


The final question? “Didn’t you ever want to give up?”


Mosier: “Yeah – but I didn’t.”


The ad ends with two powerful words that embody Mosier and his accomplishments: Unlimited courage.


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