Naomi Bennett


Naomi Bennett has a vision for the future: a sapphic utopia in which community members come together to collaborate, empower, and support one another’s endeavors and dreams. Bennett, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sapphic Utopia, uses her expertise and lived experiences to make her vision a reality. “I am driven by a strong desire to see women in my community thrive,” Bennett says. Bennett’s queer-focused businesses reflect her values and her inclusive, gatekeeping-free approach ensures that all who work with her are given the support they need to succeed. Lesflicks—a global streaming platform—helps sapphic filmmakers share their work with a wider audience, and Sapphic IFF connects filmmakers to funding, helping ensure the stories that deserve to be told are made. Sapphic Services provides support, advice, and coaching to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, helping them maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Along with her success in sapphic filmmaking and entrepreneurship, Bennett is a decorated softball player with medals earned in Amsterdam, Cologne, and Montreal. Despite not owning a pair of trainers or sports clothes when she first moved to London, she joined a local softball club and quickly fell in love with the sport. Her experiences on the field further drove home Bennett’s belief that we are, in fact, stronger together. “If we come together and amplify and support each other, we are capable of [so much] more,” she says.

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