Mary Psaroudaki


Photo by Sissy Savva

Around the world, lesbian bars and clubs are nearly non-existent, leaving very few safe spaces for queer women to gather, dance, and make connections. Not so in Athens, Greece, thanks to entrepreneur Mary Psaroudaki. Psaroudaki opened and owns Noiz—the largest and most glamorous lesbian club in Greece. Born and raised in Chania, Crete, Psaroudaki studied at the Athens School of Tourism Professions and enjoyed working in tourism. Eventually, she traveled to London to pursue a career in cinematography and was drawn to the city’s vibrant gay and lesbian scene. In London, Psaroudaki had a realization: “I wanted to offer something to the LGBTQ+ community in Greece,” she says. Since returning to Athens in 1991, Psaroudaki has been dedicated to creating safe and welcoming spaces for the Greek LGBTQ+ community. She started by opening small bars, eventually leading to the establishment of Noiz in 2005. The space was recently renovated, designed entirely by Psaroudaki’s partner and interior designer, Tania Papadaki. “My love, faith, and respect for lesbians made me open the Noiz club,” she says. “I am very proud of it, and I thank all those who have loved and continue to love it.” Familiar with the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and the lack of investment in lesbian bars and clubs, Psaroudaki hopes she can play a role in creating a more accepting society. “Lesbians should have the respect they deserve,” she says.

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