Lifetime Debuted Its First Lesbian-Centered Christmas Movie & Twitter Is Obsessed

“Finally, Lifetime gives us a queer holiday movie that is unambiguous and happy.”

Lifetime debuted its first lesbian-centered Christmas movie last night, and today Twitter is singing its praises.

“Under the Christmas Tree” tells the story of businesswoman Alma who finds herself at odds with a Christmas tree whisperer named Charlie who declares that Alma’s family’s backyard evergreen is the perfect Christmas tree for the Maine governor’s holiday celebration. But as so often happens in Christmas movies, conflict leads to romantic interest, this time between the film’s leading ladies.

The film stars out actress Elise Bauman, of the queer vampire web series, “Carmilla.”

The film’s holiday cheer and unabashed joy have inspired fans to express their gratitude on the popular social media platform.

“Imagine having a wlw movie where the main conflict is not about their sexuality, they are cute and have great chemistry, none of them die, where the parents are supportive and loving, and it’s also at Christmas time,” wrote one reviewer.

LezWatch.TV declared, “Finally, Lifetime gives us a queer holiday movie that is unambiguous and happy.”

Other commentators noticed a connection between lighting a Christmas tree and a popular lesbian-relationship trope:

Others commented on the overt depiction of queer sexuality:

And, of course, what is a lesbian movie without some oddball flirting?

So if you’re looking for a little cheer this holiday season, and have re-watched “Happiest Season” more times than you can count, you can stream “Under the Christmas Tree” on Lifetime. 

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