Lesbian Couple Will Celebrate Northern Ireland’s First Same-Sex Wedding

A lesbian couple will make history as the first same-sex couple to get legally married in Northern Ireland.

A lesbian couple from north Belfast will soon become the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Northern Ireland. The country just passed marriage equality into law in October 2019, and the new policy went into effect on January 13, 2020.

Sharni Edwards, 27, and her soon-to-be-wife Robyn Peoples, 26, will marry on their sixth anniversary on February 11, 2020.

The couple originally planned to celebrate a civil ceremony on that date, but the laws on same-sex marriage changed during their planning process. They didn’t intend to make history — but when they went to the registrar’s office to sign up for the papers, they were informed that they were the first couple to register for a same-sex marriage.

“It is so surreal for me,” Edwards told PinkNews. “I still have to pinch myself.”

“It wasn’t intentional,” Peoples added, “but we are so grateful for it.”

Both women are glad to provide a model for other women and little girls.

“The younger generation need people to look up to, to see it’s OK for a woman to love a woman,” Edwards said.

Peoples agreed: “It helps other people to see we are just like any other normal couple, except we are both girls. There is nothing different about us from the next couple you see in the street.”

Edwards and Peoples first met in 2014 through Edwards’ cousin. In true lesbian style, they say they haven’t been separated since. They even have matching jigsaw tattoos! In 2015, Peoples proposed to Edwards; and the next year, Edwards proposed back.

“You know when you know,” Peoples said.

The pair will marry in the coastal town of Carrickfergus on Tuesday.

“We’re so excited for our wedding day,” Edwards said at a press conference with the Love Equality campaign, which helped legalize same-sex marriage.

“It’s a big day for us, but an even bigger day for equal rights in Northern Ireland. Robyn and I have been together for six years but the campaign for marriage equality has been going longer.”

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