‘Killing Eve’ Is Very Gay–Here Are The Top 10 Scenes Ranked By Lesbianism

“Killing Eve” is one of the gayest shows on TV right now.

Killing Eve” is one of the gayest shows on TV right now. It’s a show that reminds us that sexiness is all in the chase. Between the cat and mouse relationship of the two leads, Oxsana and Eve, and the fact that neither of them can stop thinking about the other, there’s so much #gaycontent in this show that it’s hard to know which moments are the most relatable.

Don’t fret, though. We’ve taken the time to do a very in-depth rewatch (in the name of journalism, of course) and have compiled a list of the 10 gayest scenes. You may agree, you may disagree, but one thing is clear: all of these scenes are super gay. Here’s GO Mag’s official list of “Killing Eve” scenes ranked by lesbianism.

10. Episode 1: Oxsana Looks Back At It

The second time we see Oxsana, she’s fashionably strolling through a Parisian square. A powerful, beautiful woman in a fancy coat and business pants? Someone call Bette, because she’s stealing her image. And then—AND THEN!—as if the power lesbian vibes weren’t strong enough, Oxsana passes another woman and takes a moment to look back at it. This is a view into the primal part of a lesbian’s brain. We see a beautiful woman, we want to sneak another peak to appreciate her beauty. Is it really that hard to understand?

9. Episode 3: Oxsana Uses A Stranger For Her Own Gain

Okay, listen up: this scene is probably the most ACTUALLY lesbian scene on our entire list. Like, there are actually two girls about to get it on. Oxsana slams a woman into the wall (#hot) and the two of them are nose-to-nose. The assassin runs her fingers through the unknown woman’s hair, a look of desire spread over her face. There’s no denying how gay this moment is. Plus, Oxsana literally tells the woman she’s going to call her “Eve.” It’s a double gay moment! It ranks low on our list because it’s the only overt scene, and we prefer to fawn over subtext—we are lesbians, after all.

8. Episode 4: Eve Gets A New Suitcase

“Do you share clothes?” It’s a question that all lesbian couples get asked at least once in their relationship. For Oxsana and Eve, it’s a bit more involved than that (of course)—Oxsana literally buys Eve clothes. And I’m not talking, like, a shirt from H&M. The assassin buys her obsession an entire suitcase full of fancy French clothing to “apologize” for stealing her suitcase in the first place (and, also, for killing her friend. NBD). Eve is freaked out, but later in the series (spoiler!) actually ends up trying on the clothes in a wine-filled manic episode. It’s kind of hot to think that Oxsana literally ordered Eve a bunch of expensive clothing in her exact size after just meeting her once. Obviously, there’s only one thing on Oxsana’s mind: Eve’s body.

7. Episode 7: Anna DID NOT Sleep With Oxsana

Eve has just finished talking to Anna, a woman who it’s implied Oxsana had some kind of a ~thing~ with. We don’t really know what that thing was—Relationship? Friendship? Affair?—but we do know that there was something that abruptly ended when Oxsana decided to go rogue and cut Anna’s husband’s penis off. As Eve is about to leave the apartment, Anna makes a remark about wanting to see Oxsana again if given the chance in order to forgive her. This catches Eve off-guard, because shouldn’t Anna absolutely despise Oxsana for murdering her husband? However, Eve is smart and realizes there must have been something more to their relationship (or, whatever it was). As she turns to leave, she asks, “did you ever have sex with Oxsana?” In return, Anna screams, “NO!” What lesbian hasn’t had an ex that they wish they could forgive, but that they totally deny ever actually having a thing with? If you said you, you’re lying. Or you’re the person someone’s trying to forget. Closure is nice, but sometimes you just have to own up to sleeping with someone you wish you hadn’t for one reason or another. My lesbian heart feels for you, Anna.

6. Episode 5: Eve Tries To Make Contact

After a murder spree that ended episode four, we see Eve deciding to get out of her car and confront Oxsana, rather than frantically driving away from the killer. Eve exits the vehicle quickly and smoothly, giving the other woman a tentative wave once both feet are firmly planted on the ground. Except, Oxsana does not return the wave; instead, she stares at Eve in disbelief. Isn’t the other woman afraid of her? Obviously not, because Eve starts getting closer and closer. This is a classic lesbian scenario: you meet someone on an app or at a club, and you two text for literally ever. You talk about everything and share intimate details. Then, when one of you actually wants to meet up, it’s hard to believe. This isn’t just a textlationship? You actually want to see what’s up? I’m with Oxsana on this one: Eve is one bold lez.

5. Episode 3: Eve Describes Oxsana

Episode three opens on Eve giving us an emotional description of Oxsana. She mentions the look in her eyes and the brightness of her skin, obviously lost in the memory of the other woman. It’s a heartfelt moment, but it’s interrupted by a sketch artist in the room asking, “so, is that like a square face or an oval face?” There’s something deeply sexy about how connected Eve obviously feels to Oxsana and what elements she intrinsically picks up about her. She can’t remember the shape of her face, but she can remember her hunter-like instinct. If you’ve ever tried to describe the face of someone you hooked up with, you know the feeling. Eve is thinking about Oxsana—not what she looks like, but, instead, the way that she makes her feel. That’s super gay, baby.

4. Episode 2: Oxsana Doesn’t Know How To Sit In A Chair

Is there anything more lesbian-specific than not being able to sit correctly in a chair? No, there’s not. After freshly killing a dude in his office, Oxsana takes a load off by plopping into a chair and then immediately sliding down until she’s man-spreading and her elbows are comfortably propped on the armrest. It’s also important to note (at least, for my own records) that this is probably the butchiest we see Oxsana looking. Not understanding how to sit in a chair is definitely one lesbian stereotype that rings true to us all, not just the ones who need to relax after committing murder.

3. Episode 1: Eve Can’t Decide What To Do With Her Hair

Eve is stuck in a moment of indecision when she can’t decide whether to wear her hair up or down, and Oxsana can’t help but stare at her as she pulls it up, lets it drop, then pulls it up again. It’s a quiet scene, one where it’s more about what’s NOT said, but you can feel how smitten Oxsana is with Eve immediately. This is the first time the two women meet, and you can literally feel the electricity in the air. And then the way she says “wear it down” before checking the other woman out and walking away is SO. GAY. If they were in the bathroom at a club, they would be finding each other out on the dancefloor immediately after for a super-close dance sesh.

2. Episode 8: Eve Makes A Confession

After Eve finds Oxsana breaking into her apartment, she holds her at gunpoint. Finally, she’s got her cornered! But then Eve falls prey to her emotional lesbian instincts; rather than killing the other woman, she decides to confess her feelings instead. What follows is a minute-and-a-half long monologue about how Eve can’t stop thinking about Oxsana, which the assassin only interrupts once (to tell her that she masturbates to her, which is, like, gay within gay). The scene ends with the two women lying side by side on a bed, almost near enough to be cuddling, and Oxsana asks Eve to stay. The whole thing has super strong lesbian almost-couple vibes, and if they only trusted each other a bit more, maybe we would have actually seen them hold each other. Sometimes, when I’m really touch-starved, I watch this scene over and over again. It really hits those lesbian cuddle feels right on the head. It’s—*chef’s kiss*—perfection.

1. Episode 5: Oxsana Breaks Into Eve’s House

Our pick for the most lesbian scene in the entirety of season 1 is, probably, the most viewed scene overall. Used as a promotional clip, the world was introduced to the cat-and-mouse couple of Oxsana and Eve in “The Face-Off” clip, where the two meet face-to-face for the first time in the whole show. There are so many good lesbian elements in this scene—Oxsana tenderly squeezing Eve’s hand, intense eye contact, Oxsana getting (un)comfortably close to the other woman just to smell her perfume—but what makes this scene so overly gay isn’t what we see happen. Instead, it’s what we don’t see. Isn’t that literally the whole lesbian M.O.? The relationships all in the unseen and unheard, baby. The entire scene starts with Eve trying on one of the fancy dresses that Oxsana sent her in lieu of her “lost” suitcase, which is, in and of itself, totally gay (and…hot?). Then, after a brief moment where Oxsana tries to torture Eve, she tells her that the reason she broke into her house was to have dinner with her, not to kill her. Can any other lezzies relate to wanting so desperately to go out with someone that you forget how to act normal around them? Same, same. Then there’s the moment where Eve wants to change out of the expensive dress but can’t get the zipper, so Oxsana steps forward to undo it for her. It’s an extremely sensual moment, because is there anything more intimate than undoing someone’s zipper? Especially the moment of unzipping another woman’s dress? The answer is no. This scene is so gay from beginning to end that there’s no real way to do it justice in a brief description; you just have to watch it all to understand. Bless your little lesbian soul if you decide to, and good luck.

Despite these rankings, you can rest easy knowing that almost every single second of “Killing Eve” is absolutely, positively gay. From the tense vibes to the overt hand-holding, there’s definitely a number of moments any lesbian can relate to. Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know in the comments!

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