Horse: Red Haired Girl

Kosmic Music

Soulful Scottish musician Horse McDonald makes her American debut with the album Red Haired Girl. She delves into her three decades of performing and songwriting to create a mature and inspiring album.

Horse’s vocally limber, lush voice sounds like Annie Lennox mixed with the expressiveness of Paula Cole. She doesn’t hold back her feelings and lets
her voice dip and soar along with the mood of each song.

Horse, known as “the voice,” says, “I want the album to convey a sense of passion to the listeners.” In that, she definitely succeeds.

Listen to this CD on a rainy day or after a break-up, especially the song “Can’t Break My Heart.” She follows that song with “Fade Away” in which she pleads with a lover, “Do you really want to see me break down and cry?” The strings and backing vocals complement and enhance the raw emotion in her voice. Not every song is a downer, however; songs like “Destiny” and “Every Woman” evoke a sense of hopefulness for the future.

Horse is currently touring throughout the United Kingdom, but unfortunately has not yet confirmed any dates on this side of the pond.

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