February Horoscopes For Queer Women: Communication Is Key

Scorpio, it’s time to Marie Kondo your life.

February is all about communication and community. Who are you spending time with, and how are you spending time with them? Read on to find out.


This month asks you what community means. Is community about finding challenge or belonging, about finding strangers or familiarity? You’re given new roles to play in the different communities that you’re a part of. This is given to you not because you’re going to do a perfect job, but because it offers you a chance to grow.


Community is the thing that is most challenging for you because you’d rather save all that you have for yourself. But this month, let someone take care of your needs and give something away for free. Find your softness this month, Taurus.


Who do you love to be around, and who do you love unconditionally? What spaces encourage love, and what spaces make it feel unattainable? People are able to understand you, except when they’re not. If they’re not, watch and see if it’s because you’re speaking from a place of wanting to be misunderstood, of wanting to speak in confusing jargon to show your dexterity of wit rather than create an alliance. If you ever feel too smart to be understood, exercise love instead.


You’ve got to be able to trust yourself before putting yourself in an intimate space. If intimacy is a game to you, a game that you’ve come to master, then rethink everything. You may always know how to feign listening and how to feign empathy, but true empathy challenges who you are. If friends are willing to spill their hearts out to you, you have the agency to decide when you want to listen and make that act of listening a heavy decision. If you just let anyone in, you’ll have a coldness about you. You’ll fulfill expectations of listening without really hearing. You won’t really care unless you actually want to care. This month, let yourself say no to friends who expect you to be a vent space all the time—and care about the people you do say yes to.


Relationships between two people can quickly become distorted mirrors. Look for someone who is willing to bring you into their friend group and share the people who inspire them with you. Sometimes romantic love can take us away from our friends. Change that game by loving your friends differently.


You’re being asked to step it up at work in some way, to build more of a new community than you know how to build at the moment. This is a useful challenge because it’s giving you a job and a role to play in that community-building. You will always be able to rise to the task when labor is expected of you, but don’t forget about your unique creativity. You’re able to create community in a different way than anyone else because of your uniqueness. Don’t put that aside and get lost in mundane affairs.

Also, don’t forget that the entire point of your job, really, is to play. Don’t get intimidated by a busy schedule and forget that you’re having fun. Find ways of making your relationships more personal and letting others show their appreciation of you. Celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, so you have the appetite for doing more.


Love is patient, except when it isn’t. Love is kind, but sometimes it is not. Love is not proud, except when we want to shout it from the rooftops. Love is not self-seeking, except that every love relationship is a reflection of our capacity for self-love. Love is not angered and keeps no record of wrongdoing—except, literally, it does. Everyone knows love’s ugliness. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t call it your shadow side without bringing it into the light. If you’re mean, spiteful, and calculating, then consider the possibility that you’re in love and don’t know how to talk about it.


This is a good month to just space out a little and clean up messes at home. On the new moon, Marie Kondo the shit out of anything that you’ve been keeping in the back of the closet because you’re afraid of looking at it or throwing it away. Make your home a space for yourself in the New Year. This month is your chance to work on your private world, not just privacy itself as a border between you and others. No one needs to know what you’re doing in your own space.


Don’t forget your passion for things. Have conversations that challenge you. Have conversations that change your mind. Have conversations that make you doubt and make you believe even more fiercely. Don’t choose conversations with people who already agree with you. Choose challenging topics that bring up things people don’t want to consider. Only then do you trust in the company that you keep.


You need to feel a little stronger this year, and you also need to give yourself to greater needs, higher callings. You are capable of doing this and can bring something to the table that not everyone else has. Understand your goals and you’ll understand the tools you already have to make them reality. Know that resources have the capacity to change your goals.


You’re being asked to show up in new ways by the people around you, and that may feel a little scary because you’re far more comfortable being a ghost. This month, try something new. Try having an embodied presence in the space that you share. Try being a flesh-and-blood person who is able to be wounded and who takes up room. Try holding the door open for yourself to enter, instead of to leave, and try making eye contact with the person you want to talk to and saying hello.

If all of that seems intimidating, then you’re going to seem intimidating to other people. You can only feel like a real person when you come out of your shell.


Happy Birthday, Pisces! This month, you’re spending a lot of time in fantasy while Mercury enters your sign and makes you mentally active. You’ve got to start thinking about who has your back and who doesn’t. Thinking about these things will also involve pondering over past situations where you’ve felt that someone let you down and realizing the role you’ve played in the situation. It means taking accountability over your own actions.

This will help you because it will build trust—not only with other people (because you realize that they’re not out to get you, just imperfect human beings like you are) but also with yourself. You’ll trust your own actions more when you understand where they come from. So spend some time in your subconscious and in your past. Get to know yourself.

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