Horoscopes For Queer Women: Turn Up The Heat, Tune Into Your Heart

This month is all about following your heart, listening to your intuition, and giving yourself the freedom to express your truth.

July is here and the planetary action is heating up right along with the weather. On July 5, Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enters Taurus, creating passive energy that invites you to take an intuitive approach to your day-to-day decisions and in conversation with others. Rather than making new plans, focus instead on making progress on what’s already on your plate.

The full moon is in ambitious Capricorn on July 13 — the perfect date to wrap up projects and run for the finish line on the goals you’ve been working on in the first half of the year. When Venus enters sensitive Cancer on July 17, you’ll feel a strong desire for authentic intimacy and emotional safety. You may find jealousy and envy creeping to the surface as you long for the picture-perfect version for what others (appear to) have. The key to avoiding the green-eyed monster is to focus on the meaningful relationships you have and nurture these connections with your heart leading the way.

When Mercury enters proud Leo on July 18, remember to continue to let your heart be your guide — don’t let your pride hold you back from making helpful compromises. Chiron retrograde begins on July 19, pushing you to reflect on any insecurities you have related to your identity and how others perceive you. Put your energy into learning to love any self-perceived flaws and the world will follow.

The new moon in Leo on July 28 invites you to listen to your inner child and reprioritize finding joy in the little things. That same day, Jupiter begins its retrograde in Aries, giving you the opportunity to take the risks you previously missed out on. In a nutshell: this month is all about following your heart, listening to your intuition, and giving yourself the freedom to express your truth.

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The career milestone you’ve been working tirelessly to achieve is coming soon. Your hard work will pay off, inviting space into your life for you to pursue the hobbies and projects that make you feel alive, and bringing sparks of joy that have been suppressed for so long. Jupiter retrograde on July 28 is the perfect time to reflect on how you’ve grown this year. Resist the urge to throw yourself into more activities. Instead, make time to reflect on who you are and what other parts of yourself could use some healing.


You’re not one to let go of past hurts, but ruminating on them does you no good. Instead, consider communicating your feelings when you’re disappointed, hurt, or upset with someone. Be sure to make space to let others communicate their side too — it’s possible to honor your own feelings without dismissing the feelings and perspectives of others. The new moon on July 28 is the perfect time to focus on healing your inner child, giving the little version of you the appreciation and applause she or they deserved. Expect a big confidence boost afterwards.


It isn’t always easy to accept gifts from others without worrying about a silent “price tag” on it, but the more you demonstrate your willingness to accept the physical and emotional support offered by others, the more you’ll see that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. When Mercury moves into Leo on July 19, you’ll be inclined to open your heart and let go of your pessimistic view of the word. You can do this without looking at life through rose-colored glasses, and your intuition will tell you when there’s a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.


Your heart is generous and full of love, but opening your yourself up to trusting and relying on others isn’t always easy. Prioritize letting yourself trust others — this paves the way for deeper levels of intimacy. Give yourself a chance to receive the love and nurturing you so freely offer to others. Be careful of co-dependent relationships — set your boundaries and stick with them, no matter how pressured you are to let others walk all over them.


The hard work you’ve thrown into a personal or professional goal will soon pay off. Some of the pressure you’ve been feeling — whether from yourself or others — will ease this month. Get out and blow off some steam. The support from those closest to you will help you live unapologetically as your authentic self. Let the limelight shine on you, but don’t forget that sometimes there’s even greater joy in sharing it with others.


Lower the walls you have built around your heart, and learn to embrace the kindness and offers of help from others. You’ve got the whole “taking care of others” thing nailed down. Every once in a while, it’s good to let yourself be the one who is taken care of. Opportunities will arise that allow you to reflect on why you instinctively hide the way you truly feel, rather than express yourself.


You’ve spent time making your home, your wardrobe, and your overall aesthetic beautiful and comfortable. Now’s the time to to turn your attention to your social life. Engage with community and if you don’t have one, consider the ways you can build one that brings you joy, comfort and a purpose that is meaningful to you. Chiron retrograde on July 19 shines a light on any insecurities you have about your dearest friendships. Consider where these insecurities come from — reflect on how you can give yourself the understanding you give others.


Your intuition and intellect may be at odds this month, as your deep and unwavering emotions make things a little murky. Now’s the time to see things as they truly are, rather than the way you wish they were. Things will be clearer by mid-month, and Leo season kicks off the time to focus on your professional life. Give yourself a chance to step into a leadership role when offered. If it isn’t offered, sharing your time and knowledge with others is a great way to demonstrate leadership without the responsibilities of being “the boss.”


Though you may be inclined to run toward the future with arms wide open, consider instead focusing on healing from past hurts and traumas. You’ll find there is true freedom in sitting with your feelings and experiences. The inner healing work you do will pay off in dividends, and you’ll benefit from the strength and wisdom gained as you interact with the outside world.


Clarity about your worth and what you deserve comes through this month. Set healthy boundaries and learn to trust others. At the full moon on July 13, focus on spending time with people who truly value you and what you have to offer. Try not to hold people at arms’ length just because someone hurt you and broke your trust in the past. Give yourself the gift of having an open heart and fully trusting those who have earned it.


If you’ve been feeling stagnant and like you haven’t made much progress on your goals, now’s the time to consider whether or not you have any subconscious self-limiting beliefs holding you back. Leaning on a friend or your partner who can give you the reassurance you need will give you the strength to keep pushing forward. This doesn’t make you needy or any less capable. The full moon in Capricorn on July 13 is a good time to cleanse your energy and make room for the good that is yet to come.


The dreams you’ve been working so hard at making a reality are coming to fruition. Working yourself to the bone is a thing of the past (for now!) and you can finally change your focus from work to play. Celebrate your efforts and your hard work with the people closest to you. Set aside time to binge on Netflix, indulge in your favorite treats and get crafty. Carve out time to give love to others who need a little boost of kindness and you’ll find your own cup filled with the love and support you crave.

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