Horoscopes For Queer Women: A Full Moon Means It’s Time To Let Go

Happy Virgo season!

Summer is coming to a close, and the incoming fall is your chance for new beginnings. The planets and stars in our horoscopes for queer women are telling all of us — no matter what our sign is — to begin anew, embrace the unknown, and be gentle with everyone we cross paths with. Ourselves included. 

We have a Full Moon in watery, dreamy Pisces in the middle of the month (September 14th), which asks us to release anything that is no longer serving us, especially beliefs and ways of thinking that we are clinging on to because they are “safe” and keep us right where we are, not necessarily belonging anymore. This Full Moon is going to be emotional and will provide you with the clearing and catharsis you so desperately need. 

A few days later on the 18th, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is over, which means we can stop dragging our heels and agonizing over all of our decisions and instead move forward and take steps to fulfilling goals, making plans, and keeping commitments. 

On September 23rd, the Sun enters Libra, which puts a spotlight on all of our relationships. If you’re not in one, you may be feeling the need to download Tinder. If you’re dating a new hottie, don’t rush with the U-Haul, even if you feel it deep in your heart that you need each other. And if you’re in a committed relationship, spend some of the last part of the month focusing on strengthening your connection and bond. Here are our September horoscopes for queer women.


Much of your thoughts and energy will be going to the material part of life this month, Aries. That’s okay. You’ve been working your ass off (when don’t you?!), and it pays off in dividends in the material stability you’re able to provide yourself. Just don’t get so caught up in the working/doing trap that you forget to focus on and nourish your relationships. Your friends and loved ones need just as much as your attention as your job and to-do list does, and you’d be wise to give them some extra time this month. 


It’s time for cleaning house, Taurus. Whether it’s something or someone who is no longer serving you and aligning with what you want and need out of life, it’s time to let go and make space for new. Change is hard, especially for you. But it’s necessary in order for you to welcome in what (and who) is best matched with you and where you’re going, love.


This month is all about balance and harmony for you, Gemini. If you’ve been feeling pulled in too many different directions, take note: This month will bring you some internal peace. There’s also room for a lot more positivity in your life this month, but here’s the catch: you’ll need to sit in the backseat and let others do the talking in order to reap the benefits of the energy around you this month. It doesn’t always have to be about you, but in this case, when you learn to let others speak, it ends up benefiting you tenfold. 


Home is where the heart is, and nobody knows that better than you, sweet Cancer. This month your focus will be on making your home even more welcoming and cozy than it already is. The New Moon in Virgo asks you to spend some energy nurturing your friendships, too. In the second half of the month, you may need to do some penny pinching. You don’t need those beautiful and fluffy throw pillows for your couch as much as you need to be able to afford groceries next month, so let go of any extra spending and instead focus on appreciating what you already have. 


Leo, you are so generous in spirit that you seem to radiate love, loyalty, and kindness. Especially when the spotlight is on you! You have no trouble showering those you care about with affection. Your challenge this month, per our horoscopes for queer women, is to be especially kind to yourself. If you don’t already have one, create a gratitude journal or make a list each day of three things you’re grateful for. This will not only help you see how abundant your life is, but it will bring more good into it, too.


We’re in the thick of your season, and your attention to detail is more on point than ever. What this means, however, is you’re really starting to notice the “cracks” in your relationships and what isn’t working anymore. It may be “make or break” time for an important relationship in your life. Know that it’s okay to make a healthy break. You don’t need to list every reason why it’s no longer working for you to the other person, but you do need to let them go and realize it isn’t your job to fix anyone or get them to fit into your mold. 


Nurture yourself, Libra! As if you ever needed an excuse to do so, right?! Seriously though, love, self-care is the name of the game this month according to our horoscopes for queer women. Pamper, spoil, relax, and then do it all over again. You’re going to need to build up your reserves for the birthday festivities that lie ahead, and for the relationship demands that will be placed on you within the coming weeks. Remember not to get sucked up into anyone’s drama: not even your own. It isn’t worth it. 


What’s that project you’ve been working on or mean to get started? Now’s the time to put your nose to the grindstone and get ‘er done. If you’re feeling particularly creative, don’t be afraid to show what’s truly in your heart to that someone special. No matter what your situation is this month, it’s important to remember this above all else: You deserve love, attention. You deserve accolades. You’re amazing and you know it, so stop playing yourself so small around others. 


No one loves to fly by the seat of her pants more than a Sagittarius, do they? Flying solo has never scared you, and in fact, flying all over the world wherever you want, whenever you want, is a dream come true! Our queer horoscopes say this just isn’t the time for it though, love. This month you’ll learn that sometimes you just can’t fly solo. You need others not just for fun, but for true companionship and support. Let the love and light in and let others in to help you as needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help — no one can read your mind (thank gawd!). 


That lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Some light will be shed on a situation that has been wearing you down. Don’t turn away from the light or the truth that it’s revealing. Instead, put on your shades and dig right in. Hang on to hope if things aren’t actually as they had appeared before. This is your month to release fear and doubt and instead embrace the truth. Professionally speaking, this is a positive month for you. Expect good news! 


Finances are on the top of your mind this month according to horoscopes for queer women, Aquarius. And while worries may arise, what you really need to focus on is where you sell yourself short and settle for less than what you deserve. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to ask for what you’re worth and get it. Put your time, attention, and energy into the people, places, and things that lift you up and inspire you. Ask for more. In fact, ask for all your heart dare desire — and ye shall receive.


This month brings us a Full Moon in your sign, so expect some deep feelings this month, Pisces. Oh, who are we kidding? That’s every month for you! There’s bound to be an emotional breakthrough for you this month, so stay open, and for heaven’s sake, come up for a breath of fresh air, get out of the house, and surround yourself with the joy of other people every once in a while. Let go of the connections with folks who just leave you feeling used and empty, and instead surround yourself with those who encourage you to take care of your beautiful, emotional self.

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