Horoscopes For Queer Women: No, You Still Shouldn’t Text Your Ex

Sorry lesbians: mercury is in retrograde.

July 2020 kicks off with Mercury in retrograde. So if you’ve been walking down memory lane, longing for the “good old days,” or wondering if you should text your ex, know you’re not alone (and no, you should not text her!). We’re in the thick of eclipse and retrograde season, and July doesn’t promise to ease up on us, astrologically-speaking. When planets are retrograde, it’s typically an opportunity to look at the specific area in your life that that planet plays a role in. Retrogrades have a way of pushing you off the ledge and into the depths of the emotional work you’ve been avoiding. They highlight the parts of your life that need the most attention and care. 

When Mercury goes direct again on July 12th, a veil will feel like it’s been lifted and clarity will come our way. The pandemic has brought us all to our knees in one way or another, examining the parts of our lives that we want to change, and the parts of our system that desperately need an overhaul. Saturn in Capricorn this month demands we look at the strength of the foundation of our lives and our society and gives us all an opportunity to begin anew with more security and stability for everyone

The Full Moon on July 5th brings with it the final eclipse of the season. This one is in Capricorn and promises to bring up issues related to money, self-care, work-life balance and our ambitions. If your ambitions have overshadowed your personal life in previous years, it’s time to focus more on yourself rather than your work to-do list. Try not to dwell too much on your past mistakes and past loves. Instead, reckon with the pains in your past, let go of your guilt from mistakes, and open your heart wide for new beginnings.


These past few months haven’t been easy on you, Aries. Your energy feels “off” a lot of the time, and it’s no wonder why: The world has flipped your ability to go out and “go, go, go” right off the rails! This push/pull you’ve been feeling within is finally going to calm down a little. This month brings an opportunity to really focus on building your strengths. Take inventory of the inner work you’ve been doing these past few months; these will help you decide what major moves you’re going to make soon. Before the end of the month, make yourself a five-year plan. Write down the steps you’ll take to achieve your biggest goals. Tuck the paper away in an important place and check it once every year to see how close you are to making your big dreams a reality.


June was a “rock your life to the core” kind of month for you, Taurus. Now, you’re being called to take the lessons you’ve learned from last month and apply them to share your wisdom and guidance with the world. You don’t need to fit into anyone’s box — not any individual’s and not society’s, either. Follow your heart to where it is leading you and listen to the ideas and inspirations that have been whispering in your mind for a while. Set aside some time at the beginning of this month to write down your vision for the rest of the year. Create a vision board that reflects where you want to go and what you want to share with the world and truly believe it will happen. 


Go easy on yourself this month, dear Gemini. You may find yourself going extra hard, putting pressure on yourself that would be impossible to fulfill. You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. July asks you to scale back on the expectations you place on yourself, Gemini. This month, you’re prone to putting too much pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone. Your boundaries may feel a bit off this month, and you may feel taken advantage of. It’s up to YOU to advocate for yourself. Set boundaries and don’t feel bad about it. You owe it to yourself. If you are not sure how to set healthy boundaries, do some research into how to set and hold boundaries. You may upset some people who aren’t used to it, but you’ll be doing yourself the greatest service of all. You deserve it! 


Last month had you reevaluating your priorities, and this month is calling for you to find the courage to live them out. You will feel a fire lit within you. Don’t wash it away with your watery tears and self-doubt. Take your courage and vocalize your needs and desires to yourself and those who can help your dreams come true. The Full Moon on July 5th will trigger some intense emotions. Take the time to reflect on the past two years and how far you’ve come along the way. The last half of 2020 promises to be full of more change, and the growing pains you’re experiencing will be worth it in the end. Don’t shortchange yourself. Look at the parts of your life where you’re compromising and making yourself small and promise yourself you’ll stop. Say no to what doesn’t spark joy. 


August is a good month to reconnect with your loved ones, Leo — in a safe way, of course! Focus on your relationships and strengthening the bonds that are most important to you. Cut back on the Zoom meetings that don’t bring fulfillment and instead let yourself get lost in a book or soak up the sun with a loved one in a park. If you’re craving slower days, listen to the call of your soul and take them. Don’t pressure yourself to rush back into life. Let yourself sit in the stillness. Leave space in your schedule each day for getting lost in your thoughts and staring at the clouds. Put your phone down and go for a swim or pick up a new hobby that helps you get lost in nothing but the joy of creating. 


You’ve been evaluating who is in your life — and why — and now your eyes are peeled wide open about who is in your corner and who isn’t. Your social circle is due for some changes, but will you have the courage to make those changes? Of course you will, dear Virgo. You’ve grown and changed, and it’s okay if your friend circle does, too. What was important to you in 2018 may not mean as much to you right now, and that’s more than okay. You’re evolving and growing. Sometimes friendships and relationships change right along with us. It’s time to integrate your life lessons into your relationships. Trust that the bonds that are meant to last will get stronger. Any friendships lost will open space for people who are more aligned with you. Show your favorite people just how important they are to you and let the other ones go. 


If you’ve been feeling stale, stuck and stagnant in a certain area of your life, July is your month to let that shit go, Libra. Tweak your life to make sure you’re only putting your energy and attention into what truly brings you joy. Take some time to focus on work projects or creative endeavours you’ve been putting off. July is all about change and transformation, and for you, that requires you to take some action that you may have been sitting on and putting off for quite some time. Let go of what is keeping you stuck. This is a time to launch yourself into new horizons. Think about what you want the rest of 2020 to look like for you and make a list of what you need to do to get ‘er done. 


Feeling down in the dumps this year, Scorpio? Relief is on the horizon this month! You’ll feel like you’re back in your element (it is Cancer/water season after all!) and your energy levels will return to more normal levels (but don’t expect yourself to be raring to go just yet). Your thoughts will be clearer and the way forward will make more sense after the Full Moon on the 5th. As the heaviness begins to lift off of your shoulders, think about what you need and what you’re ready to take on in the next month. Step outside and breathe in some fresh air (socially distanced!) every day and breathe new life into yourself and your plans. Journal your feelings. What were you doing in early 2019? Some chapters will be closing on those activities, so review your life lessons from that time and get ready to move into a new direction. 


“Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” Know that en vogue song, Sagittarius? You’re living it this month! You’re going to learn something new this month whether you’re ready or not. But c’mon, you know you’re ready to expand your horizons and open your mind. What you learn this month will benefit not just you but your community as a whole. What is on your mind? What are you obsessing over? What do you want to speak on with authority? Honor your desire for knowledge and wisdom, and then set aside some time for deep learning. Once you do, you’ll be ready to share your wisdom with th world. Sign up for that course or workshop, read those books, and interview those experts. Soon you’ll be one too!  


Wrapping up unfinished business is the name of the game for you this month, Capricorn. Whether it’s something at work, your finances looming over your head, or you’re feeling creatively stuck, this month is giving you the opportunity to push through and fix something that has been holding you back. You’ve got to do the work, though. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll have more clarity on the patterns that have been keeping you stuck where you are. Really sit with those and think of the ways you can let go of the old habits that have been holding you back. Identify what you can do to stop going around in circles and break the cycle. You’ve never shied away from doing the work before, and you can do it now. Your future self will thank you! 


The pressure you’ve been feeling — whether self-induced or from your community — will ease up a little this month, Aquarius. You’ll have a clearer idea of the progress you’ve made, and the way forward. Even though it may feel like you’re stuck in one place and you need some wind in your sails, things really are taking shape for you behind the scenes. Sometimes it just takes a little time before we see the progress we want to see. Take a break. Give yourself time off from your over-thinking. Cut yourself some slack and let yourself relax. Journal for 15 minutes each day and take a walk in order to clear your head. The relaxation and inner work you do this month will help you have the energy for what comes next. 


If you’ve been struggling to connect with your creative side, Pisces, know this too shall pass. You have a tendency to want to fix everyone’s problems and heal their hearts while forgetting about yourself. This Venus retrograde that we are finally out of may have helped you see the ways in which you neglect yourself for the benefit of others. This month is the time to put yourself first. This will help your creative tap flow once more. Reclaim the time you would’ve spent soothing someone else’s heart and instead give yourself the love you so deserve. 



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