Horoscopes for Queer Women: June Might Be Pride Month, But Don’t Forget It’s Gemini Season, Too

Read on to learn more about what the cosmos have in store for you this month.

June is here, which means sunshine, warmth, longer days, and…PRIDE! We’re all still wiping our tears and letting the dust settle after last month’s full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. But now it’s time to think of the full moon and solar eclipse on the 10th. Consider what new goals, endeavors, and people you’d like to welcome into your life this summer. Solar eclipses almost always bring change, and it’s your chance to decide what changes you’d like to invite into your life. If life throws you something unexpected, it’s up to you to decide how to react to it. Try to stay calm, steady and cool, and know that whatever comes your way, you can handle it. The sun enters emotional Cancer on the 20th, bringing with it an invitation to get deep into your feelings over the next few weeks. Mercury stations direct on the 22nd of June, which can help you move forward with plans and communicate more clearly. The full moon in Capricorn occurs on the 24th, bringing to a head anything that began in January of this year. Read on to learn more about what the cosmos have in store for you this month.


This month is a great time to get real with yourself about your habits and self-care routine, Gemini. This is the time to initiate any changes you’d like to make to better care for yourself. Put your focus on addressing any health issues and consider what you can do to truly step into your authentic, true self. While you may be getting public recognition for things you’ve been working toward, the true theme of June is considering how you want to implement changes on how you care for yourself on a day to day basis.


You can take a breather this month, sweet Cancer, as the cosmos offer you a reprieve from what troubles you. Give yourself permission to indulge in pleasure, seek adventure, and prioritize letting your heart lead the way. Clarity will come in regards to any relationship issues you’ve been facing, and though you may not like the answers you get, it’s time to listen to your gut (and the words other people are saying — take it at face value). The end of the month shines a light on getting your finances in order, so don’t spend all of your cash at Pride!


Maybe it’s the extra sunshine or the Pride festivities, but if you find yourself craving more social interaction and wanting to reconnect with people in your past, this is the perfect month to do it. Find ways to connect with folks you may have lost touch with over the last year, and reach out to fill your social calendar and your heart. By mid-month, it’s time to focus on your health and the ways in which you care for your body. Whether you want to workout more or start meal planning, now’s a good time to get your health house in order.


You may feel significant pressure around planning the coming months, both personally and professionally, dear Virgo. But who is that pressure coming from? If it’s you, try to ease up on yourself a little. You’re likely spending a lot of time thinking about what direction you want the rest of your life to go in. While planning and organizing can be great, don’t forget to make time for having fun and blowing off some steam. You can spend your days mulling over what you’d like the future to look like while giving yourself some space to relax, too. Balance is attainable.


Some of the pressure you’ve been feeling from external factors — work, family — eases up a little for you this month, Libra. You may find that you’ve got some energy for collaborating with others on a creative project. Put yourself out there to connect with others who have similar views and dreams and give you the push and support you need to explore some of your hidden passions. It’s a great month for learning so if you’ve been considering a new class or hobby, it’s a great time to do it.


You may feel like your past is coming to haunt you this month, Scorpio (exes at Pride, anyone?), but it only haunts you not because you’re not over it, but because it’s a reminder of what you once had. This is a good time to figure out how you can address your past hurts, rather than just burying them and pretending they never happened. Whether you visit a new energy healer or spend time painting or getting creative in another way, try spending time thinking about the ways you can care for your mental health and learn from your past experiences.


Though it isn’t nearly as spontaneous as you might like it to be, it’s time to sit down and review and assess your professional relationships this month, Sagittarius. How much of your time and energy do you really want to dedicate to something (or someone)? Get honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to let go of what you can’t reasonably handle. You’ll be able to take a step back away from the details and see the big picture, and you’ve got the finesse to navigate difficult relationships. Don’t run away from the task of revising, renewing, and reconsidering. Sit with your thoughts and be honest about what — and who — you can handle.


As much as you love to put your nose to the grindstone and get to work, even you may be feeling the need for a break this month, Capricorn. Figure out how to prioritize your tasks and schedule your days so that you’re not stretched too thin and gasping for air at the end of the day. This month is the perfect time to seek comfort from others, and enjoy yourself a little, no matter how many things you’ve got to do for work. You may feel a yearning for deep heart connections this month which may come as a surprise to you. Lean into it and let yourself be vulnerable and open to others, even for just a little while.


It may be hard for you to let yourself have fun this month, because you feel a sense of responsibility like the world is resting on your shoulders. But give yourself a new job this month: find a way to take up a new creative project with others, or start a new hobby that doesn’t put any pressure on you to figure out all of the world’s problems. Giving yourself time and space to zone out and tap into your creativity will even help you fill your energy and patience to solve any interpersonal issues you face, at home and work.


Though all your friends may be asking you to go out and have some fun this month, your focus will be on your home and closest family and friends, sweet Pisces. You may feel nostalgic, digging out your own childhood journals and weeping as you read them, or remembering all of your exes. Remember to let go of the past and open your heart to the possibility of what home and family really means to you, and how you can create the connections you long for, rather than focusing on the past.


Though you love to stay busy, the pace of your life this month may even leave your go-getter head spinning, Aries. There are a lot of balls to juggle, and it’s your job to prioritize and decide which deserves your energy right now and which can take a backseat. You can give yourself an opportunity to let loose and relax a little, too. Things at home may be a little more hectic than you’d like, but as soon as you prioritize your to-do list, things will feel more manageable and you can let your hair down for Pride festivities.


Though it’s not your favorite thing to think about, it’s time to get serious with yourself about your resources and finances, and think about how you relate to money overall. If you’ve been spending money on comfort items, take a break from your spending this month to consider your relationship with money. Get serious about fixing whatever issues you have with money so you can have a healthier relationship with it. Remember: you’re not alone, and sometimes your stubbornness can be so strong it can lead you to your own detriment. Asking for help isn’t a weakness; it’s a strength.

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