Horoscopes For Queer Women: It’s Time To Dive Deep

Even the most gentle of Pisces may feel a bit reactionary and angry this month.

May is upon us. What is typically the time to start enjoying drinks in the sun with friends has suddenly turned into group Zoom calls. What was once the season to stop and smell the flowers with a love interest is looking a lot different this year. The days are starting to run together, and sometimes it just feels so damn heavy

With life feeling extra challenging today, the planets promise to deliver just a little more challenges, with 3 of them going retrograde this month. Saturn retrogrades on the 11th, Venus on the 13th, and Jupiter on the 14th. We’ll spend the month questioning our relationship to discipline and questioning our own worldview and how we can help shape the world we want to live in. Retrogrades are a chance to reflect, review, and reassess our lives. Look for patterns in your relationships with others and find ways to develop new, healthier patterns if needed. The only thing you can control through all of this is your reaction. 

Gemini season arrives on the 20th, ushering in the desire to connect with others however we can. Get creative in how you express yourself and your affection to the people who matter most. 


Staying indoors is hard for an Aries, and this month you may feel a bit more stir-crazy than ever. Your ruling planet, Mars, will kick up feelings of restlessness until the 13th when you’ll feel a bit more introspective and will be able to take it easy. It’s hard for an Aries to sit still and explore their psyche rather than diving head-first into adventure. But what would happen if you did just give in to the current climate and spend some time journaling and delving into the depths of your imagination to dream up the life you want to leave when all of this is over? 


It’s your birthday season, beautiful Taurus! It seems like everyone is living the Taurean life these days — taking it easy at home, enjoying good foods, good movies, and getting cozy at home. You may feel a bit more outspoken than usual this month; ride the wave but remember to be gentle with your words, both to others and yourself. Your ruling planet of Venus goes retrograde on the 13th in your money house. Be sure to pinch your pennies and check your credit report. Now’s not the time to be frivolous. Cut ties with the things — and the people — you don’t need after the 13th.


If you feel like your head is spinning with thoughts that you can’t seem to settle, blame the planets, Gemini. You’re more easily distracted this month. But remember: No matter how bored you get, it may not be the best idea to cut up your wardrobe in exchange for a new one. Buy online. And for heaven’s sake, don’t cut your bangs. In all seriousness, the Venus retrograde this month may tempt you to do something extreme with your appearance. Give it a couple of weeks before going for it, or else you may live to regret it. Take some time this month to take stock of your life and what you’ve accomplished this past year and think forward to what you want for the year ahead. Life inventory will provide the clarity you need to see where you’re going next.


It’s all too easy to feel crushed under the weight of responsibility this month, Cancer. It’s enough to make you want to curl up in bed with a bowl of ice cream and never leave. But by the time the full moon arrives on the 7th, you’ll be ready to dig deep into your creativity and craft, play, and experiment with materials you have at home. Your homebody ways make this stay-at-home stuff perhaps a little easier for you, but the emotional burden is heavy. Take care of your tender heart, dear Cancer. You’ll find yourself questioning your friendships and relationships around the 14th. Think about what you seek in your relationships and what patterns you can identify to work on. This is a journey you must take alone, even if you are partnered. It’s a deep delve into your heart’s desires, and it will provide some much-needed clarity. 


The Full Moon on the 7th is going to illuminate your home life, dear Leo. You’ll find yourself longing to rearrange furniture and maybe even buy that flashy art you’ve had your eyes on. Your home is a reflection of your inner heart, and you’ll want to revel in the comfort of your home more than ever. It’s harder than ever to draw boundaries around what is work vs. what is at home, but that is what you’re being called to do. Set professional boundaries and know when to say “no” — when to put the work down and go dance your heart out in front of the mirror, or Zoom call with all 150 of your closest admirers/pals. 


Last month you were diving into your career head-first, as Virgos often do in times of troubles. However, the sense of steadiness that you desire may be difficult this month. Venus is going retrograde in your career house on the 13th, so things may feel a tad more unstable than you’d like. Be careful with what you say to supervisors and anyone you network (virtually) with; foot-in-mouth scenarios are more likely this month. Venus retrograde will make romantic life feel a bit more awkward than usual, so don’t be afraid to delete Tinder for the next little while or write out your thoughts when you need to communicate exactly what’s on your heart.


Now’s the time to reflect on the foundation you’ve established for your life, Libra. Though you often feel carefree about such matters, now is the time to be as prepared as possible for what the future holds. Invest in the stock market, spend time writing out what you love about your friends, and then tell them. Admit that now isn’t the time to be your friends’ personal banker/loan shark, no matter how much you might like to help. Get your own house in order. Consider taking up a new exercise regime at home or something else to give your body the self-love it deserves. 


The full moon in your sign on the 7th of this month will shine a light on all of the inner work you’ve done over the last year, Scorpio. Whether you have tangible proof or just feel the difference inside of yourself, take a closer look at all you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve grown recently. You often take an all-or-nothing approach to life that can be motivating but also deny you the chance to celebrate your smaller accomplishments. Celebrate them all now — big and small. Past issues with family members and exes could come to the suffer toward the end of the month. Don’t adopt a “black and white” approach but hear them out if you can. 


Your ruling planet of Jupiter is begging you to put the wallet down and walk away, Sagittarius. Don’t book that cruise just yet, no matter how discounted it is! Address any financial bumps in the road before giving in to your itch to escape. Matters of the heart will be your focus in the second half of the month, and you may be tempted to sow some wild oats. And then in the last week, you may find yourself longing for that one special someone to curl up with. Take that time to snuggle, even if it means cuddling your cat. 


Has a newfound sense of hope come over you this month? If it hasn’t yet, hang on — it will! But instead of this hope launching you forward, you may find yourself feeling more introspective than usual. This will call attention to the parts of yourself that you’ve been neglecting. There is potential here for inner growth that is reflected in your outside world. You’ll emerge this month feeling more confident and self-assured than ever. You just need to do the inner work you’re being called to do. Also: speak gently to your friends and family this month. They don’t need a sharp tongue right now. 


Now’s the time to pore over how you’ve been treating yourself, lovely Aquarius. Then, determine how you can be more proactive about and responsible for your health, personal development, and inner confidence. When was the last time you reached out to and leaned on someone else who truly helped you? Now, figure out a way to offer that same gentle support and love to yourself. This may be a challenging month for you, so give yourself time to find an outlet for your emotions that makes sense for you.


Oh, sweet Pisces, your list of mental and emotional grievances may be long, but this month, you may find that list shrinking by quite a bit. That said, you may find your temper rising a bit more than usual. Even the most gentle of Pisces may feel a bit reactionary and angry this month. Speak your mind, but do it in such a way that even the most sensitive of people would handle it well. If anyone can do that, it’s you! And later in the month, be willing to step outside of your protective bubble (home) and go for a walk in nature, spend some time remodeling your space with new art, and make your home as cozy as possible. 

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