Horoscopes For Queer Women: A New Moon Brings Passion & Money, Honey

The important thing to remember is to communicate your needs — don’t expect others to know what you want.

March is here, and with it comes the astrological new year and spring equinox. We kicked the month off with a new moon in Pisces on March 2, making it the perfect time to plant the seeds for what you want to welcome into your life for the rest of the year.

Mars and Venus move into Aquarius on March 5. Depending on your rising sign, this could inject passion into your romantic life, or leave you feeling isolated and alone. The important thing to remember is to communicate your needs — don’t expect others to know what you want.

Mercury enters Pisces on March 9, creating dreamy, idealistic, inspirational vibes. The full moon in Virgo on March 18 shines a light on what we’ve been working on since September 2021. This is the perfect time to reflect on where you’ve been focusing your energy and consider what you can release to open up space in your time and heart for something new.

On March 20, the sun enters Aries and we welcome the spring equinox. Fiery, dynamic energy will propel us for the weeks to follow. March closes out with a new moon in Aries on the 31. With two new moons book-ending this month, use these weeks to focus on fresh beginnings that will help you thrive. Be sure to read your sun and rising signs for the full tea on what’s to come this March.


If plans go awry this month, remind yourself that it’s okay to ask for support. Because you’re so fiercely independent, this may make you feel weak or cause you to wallow in a sea of spiraling negative thoughts that prevent you from reaching out. You’re always the first person to step up to the plate and offer help to others when they need it, and the events of this month will demonstrate that vulnerability is its own strength, and that there’s more power in community than in any lone individual. Pay close attention to your dreams this month — your subconscious may be speaking to you a little more loudly in the weeks ahead.


Now’s the perfect time to set your intentions on abundance, so get your journal out and write down some goals that will help boost your financial wellness. Whether that’s asking for a well-deserved raise or laying the groundwork for a new project that will catapult your earning potential, it’s time to put the ideas floating in your head into action. Sharing your resources with others (whether that’s the cookies you baked last weekend or treating your friends to a night out) will fill your cup, so don’t forget to prioritize time with your closest comrades.


You’re a natural communicator, but not everybody likes to hear what you have to say. This month brings communication clarity, helping you say the things on your mind without isolating others. There’s potential for drama with your frenemies this month, but thanks to your verbal prowess, you’ll be able to stick up for yourself without kicking others down. Remember that even when things (and other people) are out of your control, you are the master of your destiny and can choose how you respond to what you’re facing.


If you’re tired of feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and carrying the burdens of others, now’s the time to set some boundaries to protect your emotions and mental health. Letting people know when it’s too much doesn’t mean you’re abandoning them — setting limits on what you can do is a gift to both yourself and the health of your relationships. As the month closes out, focus on setting intentions on the money you want to make. Abundance is coming your way, but you have to be open to it and know you deserve all the good that comes your way.


If you’ve been biting your tongue or holding back on sharing what’s in your heart with others, now’s the time to spill the beans. You’ll feel much better when you unload what’s on your mind, and others will be receptive to what you have to say, as long as your delivery is gentle and kind. This month is a good time for you to grieve the relationships and goals that didn’t pan out; saying goodbye to what never was or isn’t meant to be opens up space in your life for greater depth, understanding, growth, and love.


You may be tempted to isolate yourself from the world, but with the new moon in Pisces, you’d be wise to put yourself out there. Transformation is a big theme for you this month, so don’t be afraid to try something new, whether that’s a new haircut or a new job that better aligns with your values. You’re a natural at serving others, but make sure you are only doing what you want and not devoting your energy out of a sense of obligation. Consider what drives you to do the things you do; this clarity will help light the way for what (and who) you put your energy into.


You love love, friendships, and togetherness, but self-reliance is the theme for you this month. Prioritize spending time alone and devote yourself to a new self-care routine. If you find yourself pining for the past, it may be because you’re wrongfully romanticizing the past and longing for seemingly “simpler” times. Spending time journaling, taking yourself on a date, and really listening to your inner voice will give you the opportunity for inner growth so you can move forward with more mature insights and brighter hopes for the present and future.


You’re full of emotional depth and curiosity, but it can be difficult for you to reflect on your habits, behaviors and emotional responses that are holding you back from growing. What have you been acting out for years that you could improve? Now’s the time to change and build new habits that serve your current world, rather than defaulting to past patterns that aren’t working for you anymore. Work out any issues you have with those closest to you; even if there’s conflict, it will eventually bring peace.


You have a flair for drama, but March is asking you to slow down and curtail the need for instant gratification and excitement. Spend some time at the start of the month cultivating awareness of how impulsivity doesn’t give you the space to reflect on what you truly need. Hold off on having deep discussions with others until you’ve cultivated more confidence in your ability to slow down and listen to your inner voice. Then, you can better express your needs and listen to what others are saying they need from you without feeling like you need to run away.


You may feel some tension between your personal values and what you really want to do this month. Though your work ethic often has you burning the candle at both ends, the full moon in Virgo mid-month reminds you that downtime is imperative. Sure, you have a hard time giving yourself time to rest, but remind yourself that by relaxing now, you’ll be more productive in the long run. Shower yourself — and others — with positive thoughts and kindness, and you’ll find it easier to accept that even the most tenacious among us need to slow down sometimes, too.


You find it easier to internalize your feelings rather than sharing with others who just won’t “get it.” But your desire to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to matters of the heart is complicated with a deep need for authentic connection. While it’s okay to stay in your own head from time to time, or even put others ahead of yourself, it’s important to reach, ask for and accept emotional support, feedback and advice from other people, too. Work on making honest connections rather than sinking yourself into isolation and hyper-independence.


Your awareness of your emotional needs and resolve to stick to your values may be tested this month. You’ll be given opportunities to find a balance between recognizing the needs of others and asking for what you need. Remember that while your capacity for giving runs deep, it’s not endless. Once you stand firm in expressing and expecting what you need from others, your potential for growth and connection will expand. The sun moves into your money zone on March 20, so seize any new opportunities that promise to boost your finances.

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