GO’s Annual Search for ‘America’s Most Captivating Couples’ Resumes

Which of all you lovebirds will grace the pages of GO this Valentine’s Day?

As the holidays wind down and February fast approaches, GO Magazine is once again “hungry like the wolf” and on the huntdown after the creme de la creme of lesbian pairings. From coast to coast, we’re searching for couples whose relationships – whether quirky, syrupy sweet or just too damn perfect for even the most good-natured of pejoratives – make much of the single Sapphic world Elphaba-green with envy.

Do you finish each others’ sentences? Have you somehow started donning gay apparel that looks eerily similar? Without even realizing it? If so, please go back to the homepage. We’re just kidding (although those trends in lesbian relationships do seem to surface way more than we’d like to think about). But seriously, if you and your sweetie have something unique to say to the world about your romantic bliss, and you want a shot at inclusion in GO’s “America’s Most Captivating Couples” feature for 2011, let us know!

Give each other the gift of your adorable mugs in our mag this Valentine’s Day! To find out how to vie for your spot in “Captivating Couples,” click here.

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