GO’s Best of Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women Pop Culture 2016

2016 has been ripe with bad news, hard losses and tragic events, right up until the very end. But there was a lot to celebrate for queer women as well that should not go unmentioned as we close another year. This is GO’s list of the best in Lesbian/Bi Pop Culture.

Best TV Series – Drama (Tie)

“Orange is the New Black.” In the same way that “Transparent” is both filled with darkness at times and then light, Orange is the New Black finds levity in perhaps the most difficult of places—prison. What makes Orange so special (and so uniquely GIfable) is the large ensemble of distinctly individual characters that the writers have figured out so definitively that so many viewers can see pieces of themselves in many different inmates, something they were likely unable to claim ever before. Season 4 had us both laughing and crying and just having a lot of feelings, which is why we’re so in love with Litchfield.

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