Gaga SLAMS Bad Romance

Lady Gaga fights her ex-boyfriend and former business partner in a lawsuit he filed claiming that she owes him money from their previous contractual agreement.

When she’s not bus-ay drinking her Henn-ay or being at the center of a pop media frenzy, Lady Gaga is busy countersuing her ex, Rob Fusari, who, she asserts, is  attempting to get beautiful, dirty, and rich off of her music.

On March 20th, musical prodigy and vocal LGBT rights supporter Lady Gaga fired back at an ex-boyfriend and business partner who filed a $30.5 million lawsuit against the pop phenom. Gaga’s attorney, Charles Ortner, has categorized Rob Fusari’s lawsuit as “unlawful,” according to the Associated Press.
Fusari claims that he coined Lady Gaga’s stage name, that he co-wrote “Paparazzi” and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” and that he helped Gaga get a record deal in May 2006. Fusari contends that he is due a minimum of 20 percent of Gaga’s earnings under the terms of their old contract.

Gaga argues that because Fusari was an unlicensed agent, his claim is unlawful. Her countersuit also says that Fusari was “predatory and financially abusive” to her and that he tried to take advantage of an “inexperienced performing artist” nearly four years ago. She would like his lawsuit thrown out of court. Stay tuned for more on this drama…

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