From the Publisher

A Letter from The Publisher

We’re going for a fresh new look.

As you flip through this month’s issue of GO, you might notice a few subtle changes–the first phase of our total redesign. In future issues we’ll provide you better readability and cleaner layout. Please be patient, we’re still under construction, but you can look forward to our grand re-launch coming very soon!

In addition to cosmetic changes, we’re introducing brand-spankin’ new editorial features and columns. At long last, we’ll begin publishing your letters to the editor. Reader Mail will debut in the March 2008 issue and we eagerly await your rants, raves, suggestions for improvement, and of course, pats on the back. Send your letters to

This month, we’re excited to bring you our annual roundup of America’s Most Captivating Couples. Hailing from sunny Los Angeles all the way to the Big Apple, these couples inspire us with their words of relationship wisdom.

Please enjoy our Valentine’s Issue!

Candy kisses,
P.S. Many thanks to our friends at Wiggles Dog Wigs and their very cooperative model Marley (above). Visit them at .

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