Five Stories About Transgender Day Of Visibility You May Have Missed

Here are five important stories you may have missed over the weekend.

Sunday was International Transgender Day Of Visibility a day dedicated to celebrating the trans and non-binary community and raising awareness of the discrimination and violence many still face. “From the political arena to the entertainment and business worlds, the historic visibility of transgender and non-binary people is providing hope and inspiration to countless young people across the nation and around the world,” said HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement about the historic day. “Despite the discriminatory efforts of anti-equality politicians, transgender and non-binary people continue to bravely share their stories, boldly claim their seats at the table and persistently push equality forward. As we celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, we must never forget those who still feel invisible even in their own communities and fear discrimination or violence could lurk around any corner, and we must resolve to fight for a world where every transgender and non-binary person is respected and protected.”

In the spirit of celebrating the trans community each and every day, here are five important stories you may have missed over the weekend:

Congress Members Fly Trans Pride Flags Outside Offices

While the Trump administration works to implement a ban on transgender service members, some members of Congress raised trans pride flags outside their offices and passed a non-binding resolution condemning the ban on military service by trans people.

A Portrait Project Celebrating Older Trans People

A meaningful photo project from Bex Day celebrates the over-40 trans community with striking portraits celebrating this sometimes-overlooked population.

Janet Mock Interviews Miss Major

Janet Mock sat down with Miss Major, a pioneering trans activist, for an interview about her new project, the Griffin-Gracy Education Retreat and Historical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Difficulty Of Public Pools For Trans People

Owl Fisher wrote at The Guardian about the difficulty of navigating public pools as a trans person and how we can do better to create inclusive spaces.

Two International Trans Activists Share Their Stories

In recognition of transgender visibility day, Time published an Amnesty International interview with two inspiring trans activists, Nairovi Castillo from the Dominican Republic and Mehlab Jameel from Pakistan, making strides in their communities.

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