Fierce In The Time Of Corona: Free Workouts, Meditations & Dance Parties To Stream This Week


The best things in this life are FREE.

Hello, my sweet, quarantined lovelies. I don’t know about all of you — but I had a rough kickstart to the Coronavirus quarantine.

As I imagine for most, the coronavirus quarantine came swooping into my world and dismantled every single work opportunity, event, and goal I’ve had dutifully marked in my calendar for the past three months. Not only that, but I’m a Manhattan-born freak, so city-life practically pulses through my veins!


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The truth is I never bought into your bullshit 💋 📸 @owengould

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Without the stimulus of the city, without human interaction from my sparkly community, without the safety net of plans and deadlines and launches — I’ve found myself to be one ungrounded lesbian, babe.

And instead of utilizing the grounding tools I’ve acquired over the years, I caught a case of the ole’ “fuck its.” Instead of meditating, I frantically sent panicked emails to my publisher. Instead of connecting with friends and family, I guzzled back wine like it was going out of the style (wine will never go out of style). Instead of moving my body, I hunched my shoulders over a computer screen for ten hours a day. Instead of plugging myself into the world in a time when we so desperately need to feel connected, I popped Xanax and took a nap.

It was dark over here, to say the least.

But Sunday, my higher power, Lana Del Rey, popped me a visit.

She flew through my window on a giant pink motorcycle that had wings, like a plane. She pulled her rhinestone-encrusted keys out of the ignition and pushed her long french braids behind her leather-jacket-clad back. She looked at me with her signature chic yet vacant eyes.

“Babe.” Lana pulled a cigarette out the pockets of her distressed denim shorts and casually lit up in my room.

I resisted the urge to tell her to put that damn cigarette out, we don’t, like, smoke in our home, but when Lana pays you a visit, it’s best to just shut your mouth and absorb her sad-girl wisdom.

“What are you doing?” Lana asked. She released pretty cloud of smoke, from her bee-stung lips and stuck her hands on her hips.

“I’m trying to blur out reality. It’s ugly. I’m afraid.” I squeaked, shielding my eyes in shame.

“This is a pretty intense time. Everything is up in the air right now. Your ego is bugging. But you need to be here for it.”

“What do you mean? Here for it?” I scoffed.

“You need to be present. There are massive life lessons and opportunities for growth in the darkness,” Lana purred. “I mean, don’t you read your own articles, honey?”


“You’re right,” I answered, shamefully thinking of all the advice I’ve bestowed upon others yet never applied to myself.

“I’m always right.” Lana winked and saddled up on her pink motorcycle and revved up the engine so loudly the cat scattered beneath the bed. “Oh, and one last thing.”


“Pay attention to the artists.” And just like that, Lana was gone, leaving me in a puff of cigarette smoke and musky fragrance.

I’m not a fool so obviously I’m going to do exactly what Lana suggests I do. Be present. Cut back on the booze and the rest of the self-medicating bullshit I sometimes use to soften the bruise, when life gets hard.

And luckily, I’ve found some killer free workouts, dance parties, performances, and meditations that are designed to connect us in this wholly disconnected time of isolation.

Because when I look back on this weird time, one day, far away from now, I want to know that I was here for it. That I got outside of my own head and experienced the rollercoaster of a pandemic with my community.

So here are some amazing FREE things to do, so you can thrive in the face of a pandemic.

Ryan Heffington “Let’s DANCE” will bring you epic joy and make you feel.

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m. PST, 1 p.m. ET

Where: @Ryan.Heffington Instagram Live

What the hell is it?: I did this last NIGHT with my partner in our bedroom. It was the ultimate emotional release. Ryan Heffington, who is the choreographer for Sia, Christine and the Queens, Florence + The Machine, Euphoria (and more) is a goddamn movement guru. Not only is this dance party invigorating and unabashedly fun, but you also tap into your feels through movement and music. You will sweat, you will cry, you will be full of unabashed joy with 4,000 people who are dancing live all across the world at the same time. And you can truly feel the joy and the energy of hope from all of those moving with you. Purr.

The Class by Taryn Toomey Digital Studio will release you of your demons and spark your creativity. 

When: Multiple classes per day.

Where: The Class Digital Studio 

What the hell is it?: The Class by Taryn Toomey is my favorite workout of all time. (I’m not exaggerating). It feels impossible to describe The Class words because it’s such a visceral experience, but I’ll do my best. In a nutshell: You’ll shake and release yourself of the demons that are holding you back from living your best life. You’ll unabashedly scream and take up space. You’ll meditate. You’ll joyfully hop around like a bunny who has never known a bad day. You’ll push your body (and your brain) to limits you didn’t know possible. You’ll clear your heart and leave the workout free of all the blocks that prevent ideas from flowing through you. When I’m done with The Class I feel like I’ve stripped myself of that stubborn layer of bullshit and am able to tap into the deep stuff, the interesting stuff, the soulful stuff, that lives beneath the surface of my pesky old ego.

And lucky for us, The Class is offering a free fourteen-day trial to their digital studio. I did it this morning and my entire perspective has shifted, my ego is in check and after a week of aimlessly floating through space not knowing when (or if) I’m going to land on solid ground, I’m back in my body.

Deepak Chopra’s free 21-day meditation will ease your anxiety-ridden mind, without Xanax. 

When: The next 21-days, starting today!

Where: Chopra’s Meditation Center 

What the hell is it? In times of doubt, weirdness, fear, mental-clutter and generalized uncertainty; I always like to turn to the masters of their craft. And Deepak Chopra is one of the most spiritually renowned human beings on the planet! I’ve done Deepak Chopra’s free meditation series before and they’ve literally rewired my brain and freed me of my anxiety. I highly recommend doing this free 21-day meditation with me, which is specifically focused on handling all that is energetically stewing in the universe right now.

The Real Housewives of Quarantine will make you cackle like the savage you are. 

When: Saturday, March 28th, 2020 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET

Where: Logan Hardcore’s Instagram Live 

What the hell is it?: Have you seen Logan Hardcore perform at her residency at Stonewall? Or poolside at Fire Island’s Ice Palace? Or “Skinny Brunch” at Hardware Bar? Oh, you haven’t? Shame on you. Logan is a true provocateur, a mindblowing performer, and a comedic force of Drag nature! In truth, I was teeming with worry about how I was going to get my Logan fix whilst in the throes of quarantine, but your girl came through. Allow me to introduce you to “The Real Houses Of Quarantine” a trivia show, free on Logan’s Instagram Live. I’ll be there. Managing Editor of GO Magazine Dayna Troisi will be there too.

Let’s kiki together in these tough times!

*And as always, Venmo all of these artists if you have the means! These are tough times for our performers.

Marie’s Crisis Facebook Group will help you work through your traumas through singing Broadway hits!

When: Scattered throughout the week!

Where: Marie’s Crisis Group on Facebook 

What the hell is it?: If you’re a downtown dweller, like yours truly, you know and love Marie’s Crisis, for it’s an institution in the village. The best night’s of my life have been spent singing along to Broadway hits in a teeming sea of my fellow displaced theatre kids, at Marie’s Crisis. Luckily some of their performers are leading us through Showtune sing-a-longs via Facebook live!

I’ll be there clutching a drink, working through all my traumas the healthiest way I know how: By singing musical theatre songs at the top of my tone-def lungs!

*And as always, Venmo all of these artists if you have the means! These are tough times for our performers.

Gabby Bernstein’s “Free Anxiety” workshop will ground your body, mind and soul. 

When: Sunday, March 29th, 1 p.m. & 8 p.m.

Where: Stream from Gabby Bernstein’s website! 

What the hell is it?: Everything I know about spirituality, manifesting and staying grounded comes from my personal guru, Gabby Bernstein. Bernstein dives deep into the spiritual vortex without being woo-woo or pretentious. She speaks in a language even party girls like me can understand, and she provides real tangible tools you can easily apply to your life. According to Bernstein’s Instagram, here’s her workshop in a nutshell: “I’m sharing my favorite tools for releasing anxiety and maintaining a steady sense of peace during difficult times. Plus, I’ll give you an instant download of one of my favorite guided meditations for feeling calm in minutes.” (Pro Tip: Follow up this workshop with her incredible book “Super Attractor” — it will change your life. More on that in another post).


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I recognize that many of you are really struggling right now, so I’m leading a free, online Anxiety Relief Workshop. Join me on March 29 at either 1 pm ET and 8 pm ET. (Don’t worry if you can’t make either time, you’ll have access to the replay until April 5) You can sign up for free at the link in my bio @gabbybernstein ☝️ I’m sharing my favorite tools for releasing anxiety and maintaining a steady sense of peace during difficult times. Plus, I’ll give you an instant download of one of my favorite guided meditations for feeling calm in minutes. Sign up for free at the link in my bio @gabbybernstein ☝️ And tag a friend who needs it. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ #gabbybernstein #anxietyrelief #superattractor #spiritjunkie #miraclemembership #meditate #eft #affirmations

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The EDEN QUEERANTINE WATCH PARTY will give you your Saturday night queer party fix!

When: Saturday, March 28th 6PM-10PM ET

Where: Eden’s Private Facebook Group (you will need a ticket, but it’s donation-based!)

What the hell is it?: A fabulously queer Facebook Watch Party that sounds so lit, it will brighten up that dark mind of yours honey. Here are a few key details from the Eden Team: “25+ artists from all over the WORLD are coming together for one night only to give you an EXCLUSIVE performance that will not available anywhere else! This is the only LGBTQ+ event of its kind. As you all know, due to the recent CoronaVirus pandemic, many of our beloved bars and nightclubs are being temporarily closed down making it impossible for event producers and entertainers to entertain. Our industry is getting hit the hardest and we need to come together more than ever to support the artists that we love. All we can do during this time is to share their content, stream their music, and support their hustle. We have created an online event that will be streamed as a Facebook Watch Party within a private Facebook Group. In order to get the link to the group to tune in for the event, all viewers will need a ticket. Tickets are available through our ticket link (link in bio 🔥) and will require optional DONATIONS ONLY. (For rest of the details head over to their Instagram).” Tickets available here.


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Sheena Sharma’s “10-Day Yoga Survival Guide for Global Pandemic Depression” will soothe your sorrows.

When: Monday March 23rd-April 1st, 9 a.m CST/ 10 a.m EST.

Where: Sheena Sharma’s Instagram Live (@thatbrownyogi).

What the hell is it?: A special yoga flow helped to relieve you of depression during these wild times. Each day will be different and transformative for my fellow sad babes. I know Sheena personally and her energy is pure, authentic and infectious. Plus she’s raw and vulnerable and real, and won’t give you any Instagram Yoga bullshit that just makes you feel worse about your life. She’s the real day and a true yogi.


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There’s are just a few events on my radar but we’ll be updating our Instagram Stories, all week with more amazing FREE ways to stay sane!




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