Ellen Page Reveals She Was Outed And Sexually Assaulted By Powerful Men In Hollywood In Heartbreaking Facebook Post

“I am grateful to anyone and everyone who speaks out against abuse and trauma they have suffered.”

Ellen Page has opened up about being sexually assaulted, harassed and outed by powerful men in Hollywood in a harrowing Facebook post.

The post details the homophobic and sexist abuse she endured from Brett Ratner and another unnamed director, gives thanks and recognition to the queer women of color who have tirelessly fought on the front lines against the patriarchy, and closes with a beautiful rallying cry.

With so many women coming forward in this discussion, including, most recently, Portia de Rossi, it shows us how widespread and out of control sexual assault is, in all communities. Ellen discusses the way her privileges can help her through trauma, while many others don’t have the same outlets of healing.

It’s hard for me to think of a commentary because, like so many women, I’m tired. I’m scared. I’m upset. But Ellen’s post also is hopeful and calls for real change. My rage and sadness comes in waves, but my desire to fight doesn’t waver. Ellen offers real steps to take to start to end this cycle of abuse. She calls out the people complicit in this behavior. The ones excusing rapists’ behavior. I’m done with the “separate artists from their art” argument. F*ck rapists and f*ck their art. There are so many brilliant creators out there that don’t abuse women.

Ellen reminds us that sharing our stories is part of the revolution. The other part is acknowledging intersecting identities, and taking real steps to dismantle the patriarchy. I’m proud to share a community with brave women like Ellen. Me too.

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