Domestic Partnerships: Why Pay More For Less

Why does domestic partnership registration in NY cost more?

Ever since Mayor Rudolph Giuliani signed the domestic partnership bill into law in New York City in 1998, gay and lesbian couples have wondered why they have to pay more for a domestic partnership registration fee ($36) than straight couples pay for a marriage license ($35).

Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to understand how annoying a one-dollar difference can be, and according to The New York Times, he has asked the city’s Law Department to work with the City Council and the city clerk’s office to reduce the domestic partnership registration fee to $35.

The reason for the discrepancy of one hundred pennies lies in the fact that marriage fees are set by the state, whereas domestic partnership registration fees are determined by the city alone. When asked by the city clerk to determine a fair and comprehensive fee, the Office of Management and Budget named the price of $36.

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