The Dish: Rachel Maddow Talks Trump’s Taxes, Tegan and Sara Want More Lesbian Pop Stars

Plus Gina Rodriguez wants to play a queer Latina superhero.

It’s only right that my #WCW is Rachel Maddow, the woman with the TAXES.

Related: Alison Bechdel has a new Trump-inspired Dykes to Watch Out For.

At NPR: Caught Up In Travel Ban, Iranian Lesbian Asylum Seeker Sees ‘No Way Forward.’

Hate crimes are up 20 percent since the election.

Gina Rodriguez is down to play queer comic book character America Chavez.

A lesbian-identified Taiwanese woman who felt pressured into marrying a man has been ordered to pay her ex-husband $500,000 in “wedding fees, betrothal money and emotional pain that he suffered.”

Out New Yorker writer Ariel Levy talks with LongReads about her new memoir, “The Rules Do Not Apply.”

Learn how to make a bomb web series from the women behind “Her Story.”

From the UK but still relevant elsewhere, the state of LGBTQ representation in advertising.

What it’s like to be pregnant at the same time as your partner.

Chicago is erecting a Boystown monument in honor of LGBTQ vets.

Maybe a little something useful for the weekend: 25 Dirty “Never Have I Ever” Questions For Girls Who Like Girls.

Tegan and Sara want more lesbian pop stars so they don’t have to be the only ones. Also, they want there to be more expressions of sexual and gender identity that aren’t necessarily super femme. Sara tells Q:

“It’s great to see Kristen Stewart, St. Vincent and Cara Delevingne but they all work in the same world. They’re all very beautiful, they’re all white, they all fit a certain kind of femme identity. Women of color who are lesbians? Forget about it. Trans guys and women of color? Forget about it.”

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I support them on this mission to queer music and mainstream pop culture.

Jane Lynch has a new gig! She’ll be starring in the NBC comedy “Relatively Happy.”

Megan Fox in lingerie alert. SHE IS A BUSINESS WOMAN.

At Huffington Post Canada: “I embraced my lesbian identity as my father became a priest.”

This father and daughter transitioned together at the same time.

See you at the Chapel tonight?


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