The Dish: Kristen Stewart Bares Her Bum for “V,” Fortune Feimster to Star in “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”

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Let’s start with a little bit of a throwback, as it is #TBT. 

Last night I had the great fortune of seeing Fortune Feimster (see what I did there?) record her upcoming Netflix comedy special. (You’re gonna love it.) But she also had some other amazing news announced yesterday: She’s going to star in a feature film, “Bad Cop, Bad Cop,” from DreamWorks. Fortune wrote the R-rated comedy with Brian Jarvis and Jim Freeman and will surely play one of the bad and “hapless cops who stumble on a case that exposes a conspiracy of corruption in their own precinct.”

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There’s a new trailer for Season 3 of Grace and Frankie, and I love Lily Tomlin so much, I’d totally be her Sarah Paulson.

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of V magazine.

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…and, inside…

Facebook will not let an auction house post a photo of a lesbian-themed oil painting they are looking to sell. Charles Blackman’s “Women Lovers” was cited for “advertising adult products or services,” which is silly because it clearly does not come with any actual lesbians.

There’s just so much sexual fluidity possibly happening on The Real Housewives, I can’t keep up.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore is also exploring her Sapphic side on national television.

“Bull in a China Shop” is a new stage play about Boston marriages, suffragettes and all women’s colleges. So basically it’s the best.

Robbie Williams cast his wife to play a lesbian in his new music video. Aya Field said of the experience: “He goes, but at the end, there’s this alternate ending and you’re making out with a really hot model.’ I thought, ‘Ok, I can work with that.’ I was thinking ‘What’s he going to look like?’ and then it was a woman!” HOWBOWDAH?

From The Washington Blade: “A 23-year-old lesbian, who along with her twin brother completed a one-year jail term last year for severely beating a gay man in an anti-gay attack, was returned to jail on Tuesday by a D.C. Superior Court judge for violating the terms of her probation.” 

Out Nigerian writer Unoma Azuah was a guest of honor at the new Chicago City of Refuge initiative for exiled writers, where she shared her experiences of coming to America after being ostracized in her home country for being a lesbian. She also contributed this piece to The Chicago Tribune. An excerpt:

I left Nigeria because of my sexual orientation. I left Nigeria because I would not sacrifice my life to please some of my country’s cultural norms and new wave religions. I left Nigeria because I rejected the status of motherhood and marriage to a man as the only most important achievement every woman should have. I left Nigeria because I want Freedom.

Queer producer Christine Vachon talks LGBTQ cinema and the recent “Boys Don’t Cry” debacle that happened at Reed College in this extensive interview.

This Toronto Life profile of queer Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founders Janaya Khan and Sandy Hudson is definitely worth a read.

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