The Dish: Jodie Foster Wants You to Resist, Tammy Baldwin Under Attack

“It’s time to show up. It’s a singular time in history. It’s a time to engage.”

At least some things are right in the world today, with “Moonlight” taking home Best Picture at the Oscars, and Viola Davis becoming the first black woman to have won an Oscar, Emmy and a Tony for acting. So little else seems to be going right, but I’ll accept all of the victories as optimistic omens.

Speaking of the Oscars, Ruby Rose, Laverne Cox, Sarah Paulson, Sia and other queer women we love celebrated the night at after-parties.

Don’t forget: The epic LGBTQ history mini-series “When We Rise” premieres tonight on ABC!

Related: San Francisco (where I spent my weekend for Lesbians Who Tech) is queer as hell now, but it used to be a scary place for LGBTQs.

Jodie Foster uncharacteristically spoke out at a United Voices rally over the weekend, encouraging us all to resist the bullshit and show up to say that what is happening in our country is not OK:

“As many of you know, I don’t do this very often. I’m not somebody who feels very comfortable using my public face for activism. In my life, I’ve found small ways, much like most of you, to serve, and to show up, and to give somebody a lift at the bottom of the hill when they’re going to the top. I’ve always made a subtle way, a quiet way, and a personal way. But this year is a very different year. It’s time to show up. It’s a singular time in history. It’s a time to engage. And as the very, very dead Frederick Douglass once said, ‘Any time is a good time for illumination,’ and this is the time for illumination. I believe this time is filled with light … not darkness.”

One thing’s for sure: We’re always going to keep on dancing. And protesting. And dancing while protesting.

But just having queer sex is not enough.

Campbell L. Sangster‘s video for the track “Odds Are Stacked” celebrates female masculinity with the musician performing alongside,  The Drakes: “a band of butches, bois, studs, transmen and genderqueers.”

Out author Val McDermid imagines her ideal lesbian retirement home:

Our fantasy home for old dykes featured many of the things that matter to us in our lives now: good food, because being old doesn’t mean you suddenly discover a taste for institutional processed pap; accessible health provision, because the better we take care of ourselves, the better equipped we’ll be for a comfortable old age; a range of activities – bridge, walking, board games, music, excursions of all sorts – because we don’t want to ossify.

Tammy Baldwin needs our support for her next Senate bid now more than ever. A new PAC in her home state of Wisconsin is attacking her sexuality and falsely reporting that she “wants to require children starting at age 5 to learn about gay sex!”

“Twelfth Night” is Shakespeare’s gayest play, but it’s even queerer when women take on all of the roles.

A UK reality star had a lesbian sex dream and I thought I should share in case you care.

In tragic news, a Florida man killed his estranged wife and her girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. (He survived.)

Hometown shoutout: Kalamazoo, Michigan renamed its LGBT resource center. It is now called OutFront Kalamazoo.

Say Her Name: Trans woman Chyna Gibson was murdered in New Orleans, and police are looking for any information on the shooting.

Slovenia is now sanctioning same-sex marriages. Meanwhile, Australians are still fighting for the right to marry the ones they love. At least they have a sense of humor about it. (It’s been going on a long time.)

Activists in Sri Lanka are working to decriminalize homosexuality in their island nation, and Afghan LGBTQs are among the “most vulnerable” seeking asylum in the UK.

A study shows LGBTQ students in Arizona face a lot of hostility in schools. They could use this fun exercise for non-LGBTQs: “What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

Welp, Debbie Harry says she’s no longer bisexual (?). To quote:

“My bisexual days have gone by actually. I have great affection for some of my female friends but I think maybe when I was younger it might have been a little more hormonal and our hormones change.”

Is that how that works? I know more than a few bisexuals that would beg to differ.

Are we overusing the word “queer”?

London’s National Trust is now offering queer tours of Soho that highlight the illegal gay venues of the 1920s and ’30s.

Elena from “One Day at a Time” is queer latina goals.

Same time, same place tomorrow.

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