The Dish: Jo Lampert is Joan of Arc, Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton Have Dinner

Out singer/actor Jo Lampert stars as a queer icon on Broadway.

I hope you had a perfectly fine President’s Day, and that it was not in celebration of the current administration.

Speaking of, LA-based queer duo WASI has a new anthem for you to sing at all the protests: “Pussy Grabs Back.”


Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton had dinner together recently.

Out singer Soko has a new song and is NYLON’s cover girl this month.

I enjoy this headline: Same-sex marriage laws helped reduce suicide attempts by gay, lesbian and bisexual teens, study says. From the L.A. Times:

In short, the research suggests, the effect of state marriage equality laws passed between 1999 and 2015 extended far beyond gay men and lesbians intent on marrying: For high schoolers coming to terms with their “sexual minority” status, their state’s adoption of a marriage equality law appeared to ease a stigma that drives many to consider suicide.

A UK show called “Holby City” has some lesbianinig you might want to track down.

This three-minute short “Rainbow in a Brown World” explains one Indian woman’s coming to terms with her sexual identity.

North Carolina State University recalls their LGBTQ history on campus.

Norma McCorveya lesbian-identified plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, died over the weekend.

Ellen Frank, “Jewish lesbian feminist mother, grandmother and activist,” also passed away recently.

Grace Slick licensed one of Jefferson Starship’s most famous tracks to Chik-fil-a, and she did it so that she could donate every single cent of the money she made from the deal to Lambda Legal.

Taiwanese filmmaker Hui-chen Huang won Best Documentary at the Teddy Awards for “Small Talk,” her short that is “an intimate portrait of the relation between herself and her lesbian mother.” 

Out trans politician Tamara Adrian is fighting for LGBTQ rights in Venezuela.

Lauren Ruth Ward has a new video for her B-side “Heart in the States.

“Fun Home”/”I Love Dick” star Roberta Colindrez posed for J. Crew’s new fall/winter line.

Documentary “I’m Not Throwing in the Towel” centers around long-time lesbian couple Ginny Farrugia and Debbie Carter and their struggles with being out while living in the Midwest during not-so-LGBT-friendly times.

GO’s own Corinne Werder writes about sexuality being a spectrum for Teen Vogue.

Angela and Charla are such a gorgeous and happy-looking couple, I can’t stand it.

“Supergirl” is, like, so gay.

My sexuality: Watching Janelle Monae tie a Windsor knot.

A newly out bisexual woman shares all of the annoying things she’s been hearing from other people.

Jo Lampert is the out star of “Joan of Arc: Into the Fire,” now playing at NYC’s Public Theater. Check her out in Vogue.

This lesbian couple has two sets of twins thanks to IVF.

Can’t people just let us kiss or hold hands in public without feeling the need to say something crazy? I know the answer is no, but I’m just trying to put that out into the universe.


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