The Dish: Dove Includes Trans Mom in “Real Moms” Campaign, Trans Teen Competes With Girl’s Track Team

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Perhaps one or all of these things might be helpful to you: 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Ever Going Down on a Woman.

A trans teen is competing with the girls’ track team at Cromwell High. At her first meet, freshman Andraya Yearwood won the girls 100- and 200-meter dashes, and also helped her 4×100-meter relay team take second place. She told a reporter: “I do hope I inspire people, but not only with track. I hope it inspires people to not hold yourself back just because you’re scared of it or it is your first time doing it, or because of other people’s negativity.”

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LGBTQ business owners in New Jersey are working together to make things easier to support one another.

Dove has a transgender mom in its newest ad campaign, “Real Moms,” and that’s pretty incredible.

A fifth-grade classroom in Houston, Tex. allegedly saw a glimpse of girl-on-girl porn during a lesson about the life cycle of a butterfly. Said a parent: “I’m mad about it. Something needs to be done immediately. It was two women. They were naked and they were kissing, that was one pop-up. The other video had a font or text saying, ‘If you want to watch lesbian porn, click here.'” I’m assuming the was no clicking except out of that site ASAP.

The kids are all right. Congrats to Darcy Sprags, who was honored with the LGBTI Change Maker Youth Award from the New Zealand Youth Awards. The teen founded Qmmunity, a youth group that focuses on creating a safe space for LGBTQ youth.

“Black Sails” is wrapping up its series on Starz, but ICYMI, it has a lot of queer pirate action.

“The Upside of Unrequited” is a new queer-inclusive YA novel that you might enjoy, despite this review’s odd section at the end that seems to group together things they find worth noting, such as “a lesbian wedding, multiple lesbian relationships and several descriptions of two women kissing.”

North Carolina is looking to reinstate the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. SERIOUSLY.

“Orange is the New Black” star Selenis Leyva is going to be honored by the Children of Bellevue for her work as an LGBTQ ally.

“Grace and Frankie” has been renewed for a fourth season, which is great news because Season 3 is hilarious and I am so here for Lily Tomlin peddling vibrators and lube.

The ACLU has filed a friend-of-the-court brief on Monday supporting Jameka Evans, a lesbian who was allegedly fired for being gay in Georgia and lost an initial suit claiming discrimination under Title VII. Lambda Legal is asking the court rehear the case, especially after Washington State made the opposite ruling in a similar case just days after it was decided Evans was not covered by the existing law.

Texas, meanwhile, has begun approving a bill that would allow county clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples based on their religious beliefs. It passed in the Senate 21-10.

Out Jamaican author Nicole Dennis-Benn includes lesbian characters in her novel, “Here Comes the Sun,” and said she was nervous about how Jamaicans would receive them but ultimately happy to see their stories resonated with readers.

Ontario’s Pioneer Camp is maybe changing their anti-gay policy that “requires staff to condemn ‘homosexual and lesbian sexual conduct.”

YourTango lists the Top 10 dealbreakers for lesbian relationships, which aren’t really that specific to lesbians.

Out Nylon editor Gabrielle Korn shares why Gabrielles have it.

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