The Dish: Alison Bechdel Named Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate, Sarah Paulson Wants to Play Trump

Read all about your #WCW, who is surely somewhere in today’s news.

Happy Wednesday!

If you’re a fan of Fortune Feimster (which you should be), she’ll be on The Mindy Project’s sixth and final season on Hulu, coming September 2017.

The one-year commemoration of Pulse will be celebrated by Orlando United Day, a Day of Love and Kindness.

Dolly Parton lesbian rumors just won’t quit.  

Cara Delevingne has to shave her head for her next role.

Sarah Paulson wants to play Donald Trump, and I’m fine with it. Also fine with how cute she is with Holland Taylor in these pics.

The Independent offers some romantic spots to celebrate your same-sex anniversary.

A high schooler wrote a homophobic essay about “Desert Hearts” and is upset her “free speech” is being impinged upon.

Apparently, it was a huge scandal that one of the Teletubbies (Po) was voiced by an actress (Pui Fan Lee) who had one done a lesbian sex scene on a Channel 4 TV show. She said of the nonsense: “I didn’t take the lesbian role to be deliberately controversial. Yes, I was Po. But I am an actress too and the role looked interesting, exciting and challenging.”

Mic writes about a new Kickstarter project that queer women might be into: short musical film “And the Moon.”

I know this headline is a rhetorical question (“Utah doesn’t collect data on LGBT teens, but could a change save lives?”), but I have an answer: “Yes.”

The Des Moine Register writes about “Fun Home” and why the musical is both specific and universal. Speaking of, Alison Bechdel has been named Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate.

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The Harvard Business Review has some interesting intel on homophobia in the workplace.

The Westboro Baptist Church is now picketing Yeshiva University because it’s Jewish.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights goes in on the Trump administration’s executive order rescinding our prior progress toward eliminating LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

The Dominican Republic is holding an LGBT conference to help “bolster LGBT and intersex political engagement” in the region, including Latin America and the Caribbean.

Magnum is “promoting lesbianism” in their new ad, and I’m totally fine with that. I also want some ice cream now.

Nicole and Laurel have a strong attraction to each other on “The Challenge.” 

EW’s new issue is celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” 

Sapporo could be Japan’s most same-sex-friendly city.

Enjoy your Hump Day!


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