Costa Rica On Track to Outlaw LGBT Adoption

A bill that would prevent LGBT individuals from adopting has been approved.

A bill that would prevent LGBT individuals in Costa Rica from adopting children was approved unanimously in the Childhood and Adolescents Commission, according to an article published by on Sept 20. The proposed amendment to article 107 of the country’s existing Family Code would ban adoption by same-sex couples or mixed-gender couples in which one partner may be gay or bisexual. Now, the Legislative Assembly will debate the bill.

Abelardo Araya, president of the LGBT organization, Diversity Movement, blasted the commission’s reasons for approving the bill as “stereotypical.”

Although Costa Rica currently does not offer legal protection to same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships, the country has become known in the past decade for its tolerant attitude toward LGBT people. Reportedly, it contains more gay and lesbian bars than any other country in Central America.

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