‘Queer Eye’ Fans Raise Money To Help Disowned Lesbian Jess Go Back To School

The campaign has raised more than $90,000.

One of the best episodes on this season of “Queer Eye” was undoubtedly the makeover of Jess Guilbeaux, an out lesbian struggling to find her place in the queer community after being disowned by her adoptive family when she came out at 16. The episode was particularly compelling because of how honest the Fab Five were about their own struggles, particularly Bobby sharing his experience of having to leave home as a queer teenager. By the time the episode is over, Jess is radiating confidence and joy.



And from the looks of her Instagram, Jess is keeping that joy—and style—alive by rocking dozens of Tan-approved looks. Now, things are looking even brighter for the woman. After the episode aired, “Queer Eye” fan Vanessa Gamet felt compelled to help by setting up a GoFundMe page to help Jess go back to school—a goal she talked about during her time with the Fab Five. Gamet said on the fundraising page, “Let’s send this smart and strong woman back to college to complete what she began and give her the future she deserves. While I do not personally know Jess, I felt compelled to initiate this campaign and have handed over ownership of this account to her. The funds go directly to her.”

The fundraiser quickly took off as people looked for ways to support Jess. Now, the campaign has raised more than $90,000, and Jess has used part of that money to pay off the student loans that had made it difficult for her to continue school. In an update to the fundraiser, Jess herself wrote, “I wanted to update everyone on what your wonderful gifts have helped me do and my process to getting back to school: I have paid off all my student loans! I’m so excited and ready to continue my education with a fresh new start. Thank you so so so much for everything!”


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