Precious Pet

Beautiful bunny of the month and her magnificent mommy

NAME: Charlie
MOMMY: I was adopted by Lexii, my new mama!
AGE: 8 months
SEX: Female
ETHNICITY: Mini Velveteen Rabbit
BIRTHPLACE:  Bunny farm in Rochester, NY
RESIDENCE: Living large in NYC
OCCUPATION: Professional fashion model (seriously, check out my portfolio!)
FAVORITE TOYS: Wooden sticks and wooden blocks. I may be part beaver
FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Exploring new things, chewing, and playing with my sister, the Malti-Tzu
FAVORITE FOODS: Chilled organic cilantro
PET PEEVE: I may be small, but I’m a bunny, not a guinea pig
LEAST FAVORITE PHRASE: “Charlie, stop gnawing my leg.”

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