Who Is The Style Icon For Your Astrology Sign?

Your sun sign will show you what you want to look like. However, your rising sign shows what makes you look good.

Your style has a lot to do with your rising sign! Your sun sign will show you what you want to look like but your rising sign shows what makes you look good. Keep both in mind as you explore your look.

Aries Style Icon: Marlon Brando

When dressing as an Aries, remember that your clothes will rip, so wear something disposable. Minimal lines and colors work for you, as do uniforms. Athletic wear almost always looks flattering. If you have to dress up, wear something militaristic. Whether you’re femme or butch, remember that you’re a fighter and dress like one. Never complicate your style too much. Don’t carry too much stuff with you because you look good with your hands in your pockets.

Taurus Style Icon: Lilian Gish

With your big cow-like eyes, anything natural looks good. Your beauty comes primarily from your health and there is something waxy and smooth about you that you can dress up or show off bare. You have beautiful skin—don’t hide this under too many clothes. Remember you’re a descendant of Aphrodite and think lavish, lavish, lavish, maybe with something long and free-flowing. There needs to be a natural element to your statement and many of your best outfits may look like you’re ready for a nature hike. In fact, you look your best in nature, especially next to flowers.

Gemini Style Icon: Josephine Baker

Plan concepts for your outfits. Whatever the concept, even if it’s morbid, you’ll probably think about it as something slightly silly. Every outfit is a joke and a smart one at that. Maybe you’re wearing colonial style dresses with sneakers—whatever you wear, you need an intellectual reason because every outfit is a conversation starter if nothing else. Play with and laugh at branding. You’ll dress butch one day, femme the next, but preferably both if you can manage it the day after.

Cancer Style Icon: Salvatore Dali

Looney Luna, you’re so starlit that you can wear almost anything and the clothes look quite besides the point. Cancer is the most perverse sign and about the rawest human experiences. You glow ephemerally, as if lit by moonlight, and wearing lunatic things make this wavy light poignant. Maybe you collect iridescent fish scales—why not sew your whole collection as sequins on a sweater? Whatever weird moon-children dress, however, you look best bundled up in some way, whether they drape a heavy, colorful scarf they knit themselves over their shoulders or an oversized coat from a family member.

Leo Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe

You need to look like you’re having fun above all! Your dilemma is whether you want people to remember your face more or what it is you have on. Don’t worry, Leo, because most people aren’t going to forget either. Wear something big and bold, huge and luxurious, or something that contrasts with your skin tone. Whatever it is, you want to draw the eye to your big, warm smile and glowing face. Don’t forget that you look the best when you’re having the most fun and sport something that makes you happy and won’t get in the way when you’re out playing games.

Virgo Style Icon: Elsa Schiaparelli

Everything is in the details for you. The highlight of your outfit is probably one red top button on a winter coat or the suede tips of your shoes. Your style is meticulous. You probably know exactly how many nights to not wash your hair to get it the right kind of greasy for your best punk outfit and exactly what spray to put on it for a severe look. Find some fine detail to exaggerate and show off your crafting skills. Maybe, like Elsa, you’ll make a gigantic brooch but out of leather or you wear a huge ring while keeping the rest of your outfit minimal. Concentrate on your well-shaped hands and feet. Their constant moving around and picking makes them the best places to call attention to.

Libra Style Icon: Lee Miller

Libra’s love a classic look, if you ignore the problematic ramifications of that word for a moment. Classic is defined, aside from its association with whiteness, as something with an established value which, of course, is all under Libra. Whether you’re a Libra who’s into classic rock, classic hip-hop, or classic literature, you probably dress like you’re in another time period. And the thing is, a Libra dressed like they’re living in the 60’s is going to know a whole lot about the social politics of that time and really to have a discussion about it at any time.

Scorpio Style Icon: Jack Smith

Pluto was the last planet to be discovered using the most up to date technology out of all the planets and Scorpio is all about artifice. Powder your face, put on a wig, and line your eyes in kohl. Anything super costume-y is going to suit you just fine. As a Scorpio, you’re aware that anything you “put on” is all performative and superficial in some way. The only way for you is to make no bones about it and put on as much as you can and leave people wondering.

Sagittarius Style Icon: Bruce Lee

As the court jester, flamboyance is your middle name. You’ve probably noticed that people compliment you a lot when you wear funny prints. In fact, funniness is a necessity for Sagittarius, starting with what you wear. When you exaggerate something, you have to exaggerate everything. Maybe you want to wear those fully embroidered overalls you picked up but no way are you going to dress it with anything besides a neon green shirt. Sagittarius also loves to wear sunglasses and, while talking, play with the glasses on their faces while making funny faces.

Capricorn Style Icon: Vita Sackville-West

Whatever you wear, you mean business. This doesn’t mean you’re wearing a suit all the time but dressing for whatever the occasion is. The one thing Capricorns do need is to be able to work in their clothes and durable fabrics is a must. This doesn’t mean you have to have the most expensive clothes, especially if you work on a farm, but you prefer the best quality that you can get. Sturdy shoes, heavy jackets, and pants that can go with any of your shirts are the most practical choices and the most Capricornian.

Aquarius Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Aquarius tends to dress in one way almost every day. Whether your constant is the one bracelet you never let leave your arm or the one pair of shoes you own, you never feel truly yourself without it but can basically dress however you want if you keep that one thing constant. You move your wrists in abrupt motions and position your ankles strangely, especially with talking, so anything that reveals your wrists and ankles is good Aquarius-wear. Because this is the sign of mutation, Aquarius often feels totally freaky already and tends to dress at least consistently, even if they can’t resist a pair of mismatched socks or odd tattoo here and there.

Pisces Style Icon: Whitney Houston

If you’re a Pisces, chances are that your closet is overflowing with clothes that don’t quite go with one another. You probably have a different outfit for every kind of person you would maybe like to be someday. In fact, depending on what you wear, you may seem like a completely different person from one day to the next. Often, people will have a hard time describing you or what you look like. It’s possible for you to seem forceful and dynamic or soft and vulnerable, maybe from one minute to the next. You have several people, all parts of you, that you can become right in your closet.

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