Anti-Gay Assault at NYC’s Julius Pub

A man attacked a bartender in the historic Julius pub after hurling anti-gay epithets


A man spewed anti-gay slurs as he assaulted a bartender at one of the city’s oldest gay pubs on Oct 11, adding yet another alarming crime to the mounting list of anti-gay attacks in NYC.

Prosecutors said, according to the Associated Press, that the incident occurred at Julius, a tavern in Greenwich Village famed for hosting a “sip-in” in 1966 during the early gay rights movement.


The victim was trying to resolve a dispute between the suspect, Frederick Giunta, and another customer, when Giunta punched the bartender in the face and used racially-charged and anti-gay epithets.


Giunta is being held on charges of assault as a hate crime and apparently unrelated robbery charges.


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