All The Kings Men

A Look Inside Boston’s Premier Drag Troupe!

As soon as I moved to the city, there was one thing on everyone’s lips; All The King’s Men.  I had heard from a number of friends that this drag-based theatre group should be at the top of my “Things to Do List,” so I made certain that I grabbed a ticket for their next show.  As expected the show sold out prior to the doors opening.  We got there early, and grabbed seats in the second row.  I was psyched!  All I remember was catching their gender-bending performance to Fergie’s “My Humps” and falling madly in love with the whole troupe!  I was literally falling out of my chair in hysterics.  Act after act, the ladies blew me away and ever since that fateful night, I’ve been hooked.

ATKM has become a fixture at a number of special events in Provincetown, MA such as Memorial Day Weekend and Women’s Week.  The have performed at numerous P-town venues such as, UU Theater, Vixen Nightclub and The Art House Theatre.  This year they were also the highlight of the Boston Pride Stage, and those celebrating stuck around for hours in the rain just to catch their 3 acts.  Hosted by the Theater Offensive, ATKM recently debuted Out of The Box: Twisted Tales.  This groundbreaking show utilized storytelling and off-the-wall fairytale variations to touch on subjects like sexuality, gender and coming out as applied to vast array of characters.  ATKM has already shared the stage with Margaret Cho, Lea Delaria, Dykes in the City, Filf Dos, Parisa from Rigged Outfitters, Sandra Valls, King Dred, Sabrina Matthews, Mimi Gonzalex, Lori Michaels and the Girls, The Steamy Bohemians and many more.  Their name has become known well outside of their hometown.

Besides being the most adorable group of women in Boston, this all-female cast has five-star talent on and off stage.  All the actors are extremely well-rounded with their performance abilities.  They rock choreographed dances, outrageous characters, improv comedy and connect with the audience every time.  These ladies are constantly pushing the envelope by addressing sensitive subjects and different styles of performance art.  They consistently keep the shows fresh for their religious followers, but always bring back the classics!  Recently, ATKM began a reoccurring amateur “Idol”-like drag competition.  These shows bring out the best unseen drag king talent and draw the crowds!

In addition to putting on amazing shows, All The Kings Men play their part in the community.  They’ve promoted fundraising efforts for several organizations such as MassEquality, BAGLY, the AIDS Action Committee, Home for Little Wanderers and many more.  There shows also help to support local Boston venues.  They’ve performed locally at the Boston Center for the Arts, Milky Way Lounge and Lanes, Machine Theater/Nightclub and a number of others.  Their events have provided a positive environment for the local all ages LGBT family.  All The King’s Men have also hosted workshops and performances at local colleges all over the Northeast, and have helped to create a greater LGBT understanding on these campuses.  They really enjoy acting as mentors to queer youth and make it a priority to take the time to foster the upcoming queer generations.

Currently, a local videographer has taken a strong interest in the troupe and has begun production on a gender documentary focusing on group. In addition, they have been expanding and booking shows all over the Northeast and they hope to solidify a U.S. tour in the near future. The troupe has already booked shows throughout this spring, and they will be performing at Elliot Hall in Jamaica Plain, MA on March 1st, in an effort to kickoff their tour fundraising.  They are currently looking for interns, sponsors and independent managers that are interested in supporting the troupe as they continue to grow.  For more information about All The Kings Men, please visit their website

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