70 Things Straight People Love That Us Gays Simply Don’t Understand

Straight culture at its finest.

We know and love our gay culture. And things that are inherently gay, even if straight people don’t get it. But what about STRAIGHT CULTURE? Here are 70 things that straight people are obsessing over, leaving us gays scratching our fabulous heads in confusion.

1. Vera Bradley bags

2. Michael Kors watches

Giving your girlfriend a Michael Kors watch for Christmas is straight culture.

3. The Office

4. The Chainsmokers

5. Tailgating

6. “Love is love”

7. Forrest Gump

And yelling “Run, Forrest, run!” after anyone who is moving over the speed of .1 miles per hour.

8. Swim trunks as shorts

9. Going to Pride but not being an ally year round

10. Boat shoes

11. Splitting the bill down to the penny

Kate owes $15.74. John owes $24.53 because of that extra beer. Sharon owes $5.78 because she only got fries. Carl owes $28.55. GODDAMN IT JUST SPLIT IT UP EVENLY. Gay people don’t have time for trivial things like math.

12. Promise rings

13. Gender reveal parties

And losing their f*cking minds over blue m&ms spilling out of a cake.

14. Spirit animals

15. Royal weddings

Like, they wake up at 2am to watch this shit. Why?!???

16. Gendering everything

“Is your dog a girl or boy?” It’s a f*cking DOG.

17. Holiday family photo cards

18. “Live, laugh, love” art

19. “If you’re dating a girl that dresses like a man, why not just date a man?”

20. Dave Matthews Band / Phish outdoor concerts

They go bonkers for this shit.

21. Disney World

Only the most terrifying straight people enjoy Disney World as adults.

22. Sip and paint events

Usually with their mom and their bestie. Yes, they hang the artwork they paint in their house afterward.

23. Men explaining beer and women thinking they’re ~so different~ for liking beer

Can be witnessed in the wild at any bar in Williamsburg on a Friday night.

24. Calling their husband/wife their “partner”

Nice try straights.

25. Sports jerseys

26. Coordinated outfits

See number 17.

27. Asking lesbians to kiss after they’ve had two beers

28. Going hard for their birthdays

No one has the determination of a straight girl planning her birthday brunch.

29. Chinese letter / tribal / dreamcatcher tattoos

Are they trying to show that they’re like… cultural?

30. Posting really dramatic captions on Instagram after a breakup 

31. Talking about the cut of their engagement ring

Princess cut, cushion cut, square cut, hetero cut, boring cut, etc.

32. Office parties

Why do you want to spend that much time with your coworkers… like after work…

33. Marathons

Why do straight people PAY to RUN? Us gays just sip our mimosas and laugh as the straights run by.

34. Coffee mugs that say “She believed she could so she did”

Complete with weak Keurig coffee inside.

35. Turning a blind eye to homophobic and transphobic hate crimes 

I just call it as I see it.

36. Hiding their sexual kinks

Having sex in the dark, under the covers, only in missionary.

37. Self-help books

38. Eat Pray Love

And then traveling to Thailand for “answers.”

39. Reposting quote cards on Instagram

40. “I’m just not that into politics”

41. Taking pictures like this

Photo by iStock

42. Cross Fit 

43. Pop up events

This is the straight people natural habitat. Observe how they pose for the perfect Instagram picture.

44. Cruises

And singing “I’m on a boat bitch” when they’re wine drunk.

45. Slogan tees

“Feminist AF” “No Bad Vibes” “The Future Is Female” “Je T’Aime”

46. Bodycon dresses

You know straight girls mean business when they put on their bodycon dresses and pregame with vodka.

47. Getting into Le Bain to take an Instagram but being scared of all the queer nightlife people

They’re so hype while waiting in line but once they get inside they stand still with their arms glued to their sides in fear of all the queerdos.

48. Loving drag queens but not drag kings

49. Nicholas Sparks

If you’re a basic straight person, I’m a basic straight person.

50. Law and Order: SVU


51. “My gay BFF”

52. Hint of Lime chips

“Babe, don’t forget hint of lime chips for the boat this weekend!”

53. “Not all who wander are lost” 

I hate to break it to you, darling, but if you quote this you’ve lost your way down the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels.

54. Listing travel as a hobby in their dating app profile

Travel: a straight ritual in which a pilgrimage is made to Miami approximately once a year. The rest of the year is followed by throwback photos with the caption “take me back” or “where I’d rather be.” Note: these are typically uploaded during snowstorms.

55. Looking for a “unicorn” on Tinder

It’s really creepy to be like, “My boyfriend wants you as a gift for his birthday.” Am I a candle? A gift card to Target?

56. Saying they’re “not like other girls”

57. Asking “who’s the man in the relationship?”

No one. That’s kind of the point… I know you’re jealous, Karen. Call me sometime.

58. Macklemore’s song Same Love

59. Photoshoots for every step of their life together

There’s a photoshoot for the proposal, engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal shower, the actual wedding, honeymoon, first pet together, pregnancy, etc etc…

60. Different parties for every single life event 

Can I please get showered with gifts for my new apartment? For my book deal? Being in a relationship for longer than five months? Flag Day? Damn, straight people get so many gifts for just following the rules of heteronormativity.

61. Saying they’re an ally but voting for an anti-gay candidate 

62. Dramatic haircut reveal photos for 3 inches being chopped off

How edgy. Big change.

63. Calling disabled people inspiring

Straight people LOVE “inspiring” disabled people, especially if they got injured in an accident doing a straight person activity such as skiing, and have since “overcome” their disability.

64. YouTube straight couples

This couple freaks me the F*CK out but straight people love them.

65. Olive Garden breadsticks

Unlimited straight basic-ness.

66. Getting engaged on Christmas

Photo by iStock

How original.

67. Pandora bracelets 

68. Yoga 

69. Panera Bread 

And ordering bread bowls. Y’all call this a date?

70. Captioning their photos “did a thing” 

Job announcement: “did a thing.” Bought a house: “did a thing.” Got a puppy: “did a thing.”

Bonus- 71. Not understanding satire :’) 

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