LGBTQ+ Teens Are Slaying Prom 2018 And We’re Crying Rainbow Tears Of Joy

Can we get a redo?

Greetings, queer babes. There has been a TON of upsetting news breaking lately  and while it’s important to know what’s going on, at some point we just need to take a break and celebrate some good news. Some nice, feel-good, LGBTQ+ cuteness. And what is more feel-good or adorable than LGBTQ+ teens at prom? Nothing, that’s what.

If anything shows the strides LGBTQ+ acceptance has made, it’s the love and support these kids have received in order to have the bravery to be out and proud in high school. To bring their queer loves to prom, unafraid. Feast your eyes and hearts on these fearless, bold, and adorable queer babes having the times of their lives being out and proud at their proms.

1. Nikko Nelson, ethereal Transgender Prom Queen

 Nikko Nelson, Homestead High School’s transgender prom queen. She was recently crowned queen in her hometown Mequon Wisconsin. And she is looking angelic in that white dress!

It’s beautiful to see LGBTQ+ kids getting praised by their peers, not because of their queerness, not despite their queerness, but for who they are as people. Like Nikko told WISN, “I didn’t win prom queen for being a transgender girl. I won prom queen for being Nikko Nelson.”

2. Adam Bell, Powdersville High School Prom King SLAYING this look

Legs for dayzzzzz💃🏼

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Can he be anymore gorgeous??? Like seriously. Powedersville South Carolina student Adam Bell slayed his prom in full drag, and won prom king. His classmates adore him and his gender-fluid looks. Some crusty loser parents complained about his win, to which the school released a statement: “This weekend Powdersville High School hosted its annual junior/senior prom. Consistent with the school’s long-standing tradition, the students nominated and elected a prom king and queen. This year the king and queen elected were Aston Irby and Adam Bell.” Amen to schools protecting queer youth.

3. Kayley and Ariana, looking gorgeous in embellished gowns

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Kayley of Houston Texas gushed over her girlfriend on Instagram: “In the most non-cliche way– you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on…thanks for taking me to prom with you baby girl.” I’m not crying, you’re crying.

4. Habs and Emily, stunning in sparkles and tulle

“We had a great time. Everyone was very accepting. We were just like any other couple there,” Habs tells GO. You better work in those photos, babes!

5. Marnie and Kierce, striking an adorable pose looking happy in front of rainbow curtains

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A queer prom was run through a local LGBTQ+ group– they rented a space and people from all over the area attended. “I’ve never been to a typical prom but I can assume that it can be very scary to put yourself out there like that with the possibility of being judged and everything. This was just such an amazing opportunity because you go in knowing that you don’t have to worry…and it’s very freeing,” Marnie of Michigan tells GO. The pair looks so joyful and beautiful!

6. Emirie and Mckenzie, are insanely cute and took their prom photos with DOGS

This might be the cutest, most pure picture I have ever seen. Their joy is palpable. “Being at prom was an absolute blast. The staff at my school is very accepting to the queer community and I have an amazing group of friends who love and support me for who I am,” Emirie of BUHS tells GO.

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LGBTQ+ kids deserve these little moments of ordinary adolescent happiness. We are lucky to live in a time that they are getting them. We admire you, queer youth. We love you. And we are so jealous of your style. Don’t kids go through awkward phases anymore??? I had a bright orange spray tan, ratty hair extensions and a neon cheetah dress at my prom. My girlfriend broke up with me two weeks before prom then I had to go with this older rapper guy who had just broken his foot in a DUI. He was on crutches and rapped the entire limo ride. I want a redo.

Sending love and strength to all LGBTQ+ youth, out and still not out. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are important.

What was your prom experience like? Tell us in the comments!

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