The Very Best of NY Dance

iLuminate: Artist of Light, The Red Dress, Amid and much more

Prepare to be dazzled by iLuminate: Artist of Light playing at the New World Stages through May 4. An electrifying story told through dance and cutting-edge technology, iLuminate Productions takes you on a fantastical journey in their first-ever Broadway show using their groundbreaking light suits, as seen on America's Got Talent. The show tells the story of a talented but reclusive young artist named Jacob, whose imagined creations come to life through his magical paintbrush. Aside from the incredible light suits, the show also incorporates a variety of dance styles from breakdance to contemporary moves.

Heart & Lights is a fabulous brand new show from the famous high-kicking Radio City Rockettes. It's all about the sights and sounds of NYC told through a tale of discovering the Big Apple. Described by Radio City as "capturing all of the energy and passion of New York City and its people in one incredible show," if you love New York, Heart & Lights will prove to be an unforgettable celebration of the city—rejoicing in its exceptional energy, passion, people, history and legacy.

The China Arts and Entertainment Group presents The Red Dress performed at the Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts' David H. Koch Theater Mar 6-9. This dance theater production features a company of more than 45 dancers who bring this astonishing tale to life through grand spectacle and precise movement. The dance tells the touching love story of a young man and young woman from two rich families in an ancient town in southern China. Sweethearts since they were young, they fell in love but then moved apart. A promise of marriage makes the beautiful bride-to-be wait for many years to realize her dream of a red wedding dress.

Amid, a new hour-long dance piece by Suzanne Beahrs Dance, takes the stage at Danspace, St. Mark's Church, Mar 27 through 29. It is a vigorous representation of how a personal trial can take audiences on convoluted journeys through pain, love, fear, loss, joy and resilience. Five women express how we understand and shape our own stories, signifying a celebration of the exquisite power in our broken, impermanent selves. Choreographer Suzanne Beahrs creates dances designed to engage viewers on both small and large scales, drawing the eye to a delicate gesture and then back out to a sweeping group of leaping, twirling dancers, propelling through space along spiraling, intersecting pathways. The brilliantly talented dancers in this piece are Suzanne Beahrs, Sarah Hillmon, Julia Jurgilewicz, Celine Syslo and Madeline Wilcox.

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