Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Year

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Flynyon Staff Member

Yasmine Walker, Director of Catering and Special Events at Brody’s Catering
Melanie McDonald, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Business at New Jersey City University (NJCU)

Thanks to a singles Facebook group created by Nikki Hill, Yasmine and Melanie are together. Upon seeing Mel’s picture, Yas was intrigued. “I saw a beautiful, fit woman with style, in a suit by an NJCU sign at her job, which interested me more, since I love a woman with brains. I never hit on a woman, but there was something pulling me towards her,” Yas tells GO. After Yas messaged her on Facebook, it wasn’t long before they started their relationship. Yas surprise proposed to Mel on SPICE NYC’s Halloween cruise. They are planning to get married within the next two years.

The secret to their relationship’s success is the “need to explore the world together,” along with their passion, laughter, communication skills and beloved pets: Raven, Pixie and Simon. Mel says her favorite thing about Yas is her laugh and sense of humor. “Yas is gorgeous, intelligent, kind hearted and compassionate. It is not easy to find a complete package in one woman,” says Mel. Yas loves Mel’s intellect and how loving, giving and caring she is.

In five years, they hope to be married with the same passion and love they have today. They hope to be “still learning from one another. “

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