17 Environmentally-Friendly Sex Toys For Earth Day

Earth Day is coming. You should be too.

Earth Day takes place every year on April 22nd to raise awareness and support for the worldwide environmental movement. Sex toys may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine being more “eco-friendly,” but the reality is that sex toys are just another type of gadget, and generally speaking, gadgets are not the best for the planet. They’re often made from unsustainable materials, shipped over long distances, and then disposed of within a few years, contributing to the obscenely huge amount (20 to 50 million tons) of electronic waste produced each year.

With that said, who wants to live in a world without sex toys? Not us. But if you care about the planet, choose your toys wisely, because some are more environmentally friendly than others. Toys made with plastic are the worst offenders, because plastic. Toys made with silicone are preferable, because silicone lasts longer, isn’t toxic to soil or ocean life, and can be recycled. (Obviously, you cannot just dump your used sex toy into the recycling bin. But there are some sex toy recycling programs — Lovehoney and Ann Summers offer them — and you should use them if you can.) Luckily, you should be buying toys made from silicone instead of plastic anyway, because silicone is the most trustworthy body-safe material. 

To get even more Earth-friendly, you can also buy toys made with all-natural materials such as wood or glass. Rechargeable toys are greener than battery-operated ones, because batteries. And toys with eco-conscious packaging are ideal, too; look for minimal, recyclable, and/or recycled materials.

So now you know what to look for — but guess what? You don’t have to. We did the hard work for you and gathered a list of 17 environmentally-friendly sex toys here. Because what better way to celebrate Earth Day than with an orgasm?

Wooden sex toys

Even wood isn’t always a sustainable material, because deforestation (so many ways to harm the planet, so little time). But these cool wooden sex toys from NobEssence are made from non-endangered hardwoods. They’re organic, biodegradable, renewable, and hand-sculpted into some very unique shapes that you’ll definitely have fun experimenting with. They’re also sealed with a hypoallergenic coating to ensure smoothness and hygiene, which is really important for a wooden toy.

NobEssence Intrigue Wooden Dildo, $170 at Organic Loven

This toy is perfectly shaped for people with clits.

NobEssence Allure Organic Wooden Dildo, $180 at Organic Loven

This two-sided toy has a different shape at both ends.

Glass toys 

Glass toys are naturally nonporous, and they’re made from a completely natural and forever recyclable raw material (sand!). It’s still important to only use glass toys that are actually designed for sex, as they’re made to withstand temperature changes and not break easily. There’s an honestly dizzying amount of glass toys out there in all manner of shapes and colors. They can always be repurposed as art when not in use!

Gem Glass G-Spot Dildo, $34 from Unbound

This shape is perfect for beginners to the glass toy world.

Candy Colored Spectral Glass Dildo, $130 from Babeland

HELLO to these colors.

Marbled Sensual Glass Prober, $39.99 from Lovehoney

This one looks like a crystal wand.

Sparkle Butt Plug with Crystal Base, $34.95 from Crystal Delights

It’s a sparkly butt plug, what else is there to say?

Wood and glass toys may not have moving/vibrating parts, but they’re still a versatile toy; you can play around with texture and shape and pressure and temperature. If you do require some rumble in your toys, keep reading.

Eco-friendly vibrators

You don’t have to give up your precious vibrators to be friendlier to the planet. Some vibrators are especially eco-conscious. They’re made with safe silicone, they’re free of phthalates and BPA, they use carbon-neutral manufacturing, they’re rechargeable, and they use metals that are easier to recycle and lower in toxicity. Whether you’re into Magic Wands or rabbits, there’s likely an environmentally friendly version out there for you.

Doxy Die Cast Massager, $199.99 from As You Like It

This is like a Magic Wand, but eco-friendly!

We-Vibe Sync, $149 from We-Vibe

Your partner can control this vibe with an app from anywhere — perfect for LDRs or social distancing.

We-Vibe Nova, $149 from We-Vibe

Use this rabbit vibrator solo or with a partner.

Solar-Powered Bullet, $34 from Babeland

This solar-powered bullet vibe requires eight hours to fully charge, but it could come in handy for camping.

Mini Biodegradable Vibrator, $10 from Package Free Shop

A pocket-sized vibe that is literally biodegradable?! Amazing.

Bondage/kink accessories

If you’re into BDSM or otherwise in need of leather, rope, and other bondage wear, look for brands that use sustainably sourced, organic materials. That could mean plant-based fibers like hemp, or even reclaimed rubber! 

Farfalla Harness, $110 from Ethical Kink

These harnesses are handmade from reclaimed rubber in London.

Raspberry Hemp Rope, $35.99 from Twisted Monk

Ethically sourced hemp rope in an array of fun colors.

Depalmo Hardwood Paddle, $114.99 from Lumberjill Crafts

A lightweight body-safe paddle made from maple, walnut, and other eco-friendly and body safe materials.

Earth-conscious lube 

A great lube is just as important as a great sex toy, and there are lots of body-safe, eco-friendly options on the market, including organic plant-based options and coconut oil-based options. Just make sure that your lube is compatible with whatever toy or barrier method you’re using — silicone lube is not appropriate for silicone toys because it can degrade them, so stick to water-based or oil-based lube. Coconut oil lube is not appropriate for latex condoms, because it can cause them to break, so stick to silicone-based or water-based lube.

CocoLube Spray Play, $9.99 from The Lab & Co.

Coconut oil lubes are all-natural and plant-based, and they’re also fun for massage play.

Almost Naked Organic Lube, $11.99 from Good Clean Love

A water-based lube, this is one of the most popular organic plant-based lubes on the market.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel, $9 from Sliquid

This gel is aloe vera-based and 95 percent organic.

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