100 Women We Love Class of 2010

As the first decade of the new millennium comes to an end, we take a moment to celebrate 100 out lesbians who have made the past year one of inspiring change and amazing progress.

Ellen DeGeneres

What’s not to love about Ellen DeGeneres? She’s cute, funny, a great dancer; and she has her own top-rated TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This year, the multiple award-winning daytime host took a primetime seat at the judge’s table on American Idol. The super-talented DeGeneres recently announced on her show that she is starting a record label called eleveneleven, and will sign piano-playing, Gaga-imitating pre-teen YouTube star Greyson Chance as her first act. A lesbian icon since she publicly came out in 1997, DeGeneres married her partner Portia de Rossi in 2008. -CB

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