100 Women We Love: Class of 2009

Once again, we celebrate our favorite out and proud women. As difficult as it is to narrow it down to just 100, this year’s eclectic list includes artists, athletes, club promoters, community organizers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, politicians and plaintiffs, who are making a difference in our world and the world at large.

Susan Miller &
Tina Cesa Ward

Anyone But Me, the new web series from Executive Producers/Writers Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, takes a look at adolescent lives post-9/11. Presented in short episodes, running from six to ten minutes each, this cyber teen drama is as addictive as its traditional television counterparts. Vivian, the show’s protagonist, is a 16-year old lesbian uprooted from her life in Manhattan –which includes a budding romance with her girlfriend Aster– when her father’s 9/11-related illness forces them to move to the suburbs. It was important
to both Miller and Ward that the show
featured out lesbian characters, but as part of a diverse ensemble. As Miller puts it, “The other characters –straight, black,
multiethnic– are no different from our two lesbian characters –each is unsure of his or her footing. They all have insecurities. And they all want to belong somewhere
and with someone.” Season one is just wrapping up, with plans for the second season underway. -CB

Remember, these are in no particular order because we love them all!

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