10 Queer TikTokers You Need To Follow Immediately

You’ve heard of queer YouTubers and queer Instagrammers, but now there’s a whole new set of online content creators that you need to know about (and follow, duh): queer TikTokers. If you’re still in the dark about what TikTok is, it’s a wildly popular free mobile app that millions of gen Zers — and even millennials — use every day to make 15-second videos about everything from a funny life moment to them lipsyncing to a popular song. And since LGBTQ+ people are everywhere, we’re all over TikTok, too. You can find us rolling our eyes at daily casual homophobia, kissing our girlfriends, and even making fun of ourselves for being actual stereotypes (it happens).

Check out these 10 LGBTQ+ TikTok content creators for relatable humor, hot takes on queer culture, and a glimpse into their lives.

1. @imjustmena

Followers: 1.7 million

Mena’s (pronounced “men-uh”) TikTok is full of dances with their fiancée Kris (@imjustkrxs) and some cameos of their cat Simba (@imjustsimba). The 21-year-old’s goofy, addictive, adorable smile is always featured.

2. @imjustkrxs

Followers: 1.3 million

Kris’s videos let us into her home life with her fiancéee Mena and her 9-year-old son Jude. The 29-year-old also shows off her drawing skills.

3. @averycyrus

Followers: 430K

Avery’s a Texas-based bi woman who created the LGBTQ+ TikTok group @gayngels (72.2K followers). Her vids include a flirty take on queer girl culture.

4. @aye.raee

Followers: 356.4K

Raquel, a 19-year-old lesbian, does cute versions of all the TikTok trends and also shows off how much she loves her girlfriend @osheiana.m (60.6K followers). She’s one to watch for a smile.

5. @bellaruinseverything

Followers: 342.7K

Bella’s TikTok is full of relatable content for lady-loving ladies. The 19-year-old is currently dating @odellaurora (4.9K followers).

Alan, 20, is a gay trans man whose videos cover his exciting countdown to starting testosterone, the struggles of dating in the gay male scene while trans, and tackling dysphoria. He does it all with clever humor.

7. @karolgranda

Followers: 122.5K

Karol, 17, makes TikToks any gay girl can relate to, like how hard it is to say bye to your girlfriend when you go back to your own place. Her videos are often about her own GF, @jaidyn.elizabeth (9.9K followers).

8. @yazdemand

Followers: 109.8K

Yaz is a 16-year-old trans girl who uses the app-wide trends to be herself. She makes TikToks about her trans identity, unsupportive family, and aspiring modeling career — always with a dash of humor.

9. @naerunnels

Followers: 106.5K

This 18-year-old med student makes TikToks about being a girl everyone mistakes for a boy and being a black person everyone mistakes for a white person. Her vids often feature her girlfriend @sillyxselah (2.1K followers).

10. @stelluhb

Followers: 98.2K

Stella captures the ups and downs of high school life in this account out of Hawaii. She puts trans girl teen life on display with videos about issues like not using tampons like her friends.

Use the hashtags #gayngels, #prismz, #gaypack, and #teamlesbian (along with identity labels like #trans or #queer) to start browsing other content from LGBTQ+ creators on TikTok.

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