Your Romantic Turn-Off Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The moment someone is interested in Aries, they lose interest.

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Every sign has pet peeves and turn-offs — things that are so repelling to the nature of that sign that they just won’t deal with anyone who exhibits them. If you want to understand your crush, partner, or friend better, especially when you piss them off for some inexplicable reason, check here to see if you’ve ticked off their zodiac sign!

That being said, this guide is a little tongue-in-cheek. Laugh at your own irritations, or a friend’s, in this article but always remember to sit down and have a real conversation in the event of a real conflict.


Basically, Aries hates anyone who plays games but gets bored by people who don’t. The moment someone is interested in Aries, they lose interest. They want someone who can give then attention whenever they want but hate people who are too available!

The thing to avoid when trying to turn on an Aries is basically being too predictable. Don’t be too codependent but don’t ignore Aries either. If Aries gets bored, they might pick a fight just to keep things interesting without even realizing it. Keep them guessing to keep their attention.

The one thing Aries can’t stand is when people don’t have their own lives. Convince Aries that you have your own goals, friends, and highs and lows and, even if they’re not totally extravagant, Aries will love you for it.


Taurus hates being told what to do. But a part of them loves it when someone just tells them what to do so they don’t have to think about it. Of course, they won’t do it, but they love being told to for whatever reason. 

Taurus doesn’t like anyone who is overly aggressive. The type that gets in someone face about things and directly confronts problems? It’s just not Taurus’ cup of tea. Taurus needs people who are willing to sit down quietly with them and talk slowly through issues. So, if you’re trying to attract a Taurus, avoid drama at all costs.

The other big Taurus turn-off is low self esteem. They can smell it a mile away, whether that comes from overcompensating or being too meek. Taurus likes a solid person who believes in themselves and won’t settle for flares and games.


Gemini hates it when people don’t have their own ideas about things. However, they also hate anyone so set in their ways that they won’t listen to anything around them. Gemini doesn’t like people who think they’re right and people who are afraid to be wrong. It’s less important for you to be institutionally validated than always interesting to keep Gemini’s attention.

In fact, Gemini is the sign of local knowledge. It’s a fundamentally grassroots sign. If you’re a know-it-all with a PhD in whatever whatever, you can bet that Gemini is making fun of you already with all their friends behind closed doors.

Be smart on your own terms to keep your Gemini partner. Keep your ideas wacky but, most importantly, relevant. Relevance is a difficult matter. It’s a matter of caring about the people most immediate to you.


Cancer is easily intimidated by someone who has a lot of friends, other dates, and activities to keep them busy with something other than their partner. However, once they have someone just staying at home and Netflix-ing all day everyday, they get bored and can start inciting all sorts of drama.

Turn off a Cancer easily with a low emotional IQ. Don’t notice it when Cancer is giving you the silent treatment? Neglected to text for a week because you were getting your phone fixed and forgot to tell Cancer? Didn’t tell Cancer when you’re going to see each other next and left it in the air? Cancer will see these things as a direct attack and act accordingly.

The biggest turn-off, by far, for most Cancers is a lack of a good sense of humor. That’s right, good humor. Cancers are actually some of the funniest people around. When they laugh, they’re also keeping things very real. Don’t be superficial, don’t be humorless, and don’t be an asshat, and you’ll avoid turning off Cancer.


Leo doesn’t want to settle down, because they don’t settle. Leo simply wants someone who is better than Leo. However, not someone who is so cool that they think they’re better than Leo. After all, that’s not possible.

To turn Leo right off, always be around. Respond to every message on the dot, always be on time, and never have other plans. This is the fastest way for Leo to quickly devalue you. After all, you’re providing no excitement to appease their sense of adventure. Get clingy and Leo will immediately head out, seeing you as insecure.

The other way to turn off a Leo is to treat them like they’re not special. Pretend they’re interchangeable with your other partners, friends, or anyone and they’re out. After all, this will also reek of insecurity and Leo is not for it at all.


Virgo may not want someone who thinks between the lines and just believes whatever is in front of them, but they also hate it when people think they’re too smart to listen. They need to get a little bit of both just to rub them the wrong way just right.

Virgos are nerds, basically. As a nerd, they’re a little intimidated and put off and turned on when someone has smooth social skills. They’re also a little off the beaten track and refuse to keep the company of people who have the entitlement of the mainstream. Virgo always identifies with the marginalized a little.

Be smart to turn on a Virgo. However, thinking that you’re too smart to admit when there’s something you don’t know will turn them off. Appropriating nerd culture, or following intellectual trends, without putting in the actual work will also turn a Virgo right off.


As a Libra, you want someone to constantly check in with but hate it when things get too involved emotionally. It’s hard to maintain that light, flirty balance between not enough contact and too much, but when you have it down, it feels perfect.

If you’re trying to turn a Libra off, simply embarrass them in front of all their friends. You’ll know it when you pull it off because a Libra won’t call you out for it, but will avert their eyes just so and avoid you for the rest of the evening (or the rest of their life). Ways to do it are the following: launching into a long-winded diatribe about your favorite topic without checking into the attention spans of others, being neurotic about small worries, or showing your emotions in a socially inappropriate manner.

Of course, the other way to turn off a Libra is to be too normal. If you’re too complacent, Libra will see you as not cool enough. 


Scorpio hates fake people. You can do anything as long as you’re not fake about it. Don’t try to impress Scorpio with your shenanigans; just be yourself, and you’re good.

“Clout” is a buzzword that makes fun of itself, which is so very Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that rules over social influence and they firmly believe that, if you have it, you won’t flaunt it. For sure, Scorpio likes successful partners. However, they only like people who aren’t defined by their successes or failures. In short, they only like successful people who are also willing to lose everything.

The small nuances of power dynamics also matter in a Scorpio relationship. Turn off a Scorpio by faking an equal relationship, when actual power dynamics are present. When you ignore power dynamics, you’re telling Scorpio that their favorite playground is closed.


Let’s face it, Sagittarius doesn’t care about who you are. They care about how you make them feel. Don’t pressure Sagittarius into doing anything, even if it was their idea or if it’s good for them. Just act like you don’t care at all and they’ll appreciate you.

Sagittarius also hates predictable people. Turn one off with concrete plans of how to invest towards an adequate but boring future. Sagittarius believes that only boring people are bored, so safety will always mean death to them. Never encourage them to do anything, even things that were initially their idea. Most of all, never talk about money, because this is a surefire way to dampen Sagittarius’ spirits (unless it’s to talk about how you’ll all be billionaires in the near future).

All jokes side, Sagittarius simply hates anyone who isn’t motivated by or learns through failure. If you want to turn one off, get hung up about the mistakes you made years ago and refuse to let go of self-blame.


Do you owe Capricorn something? They keep track. If you owe them too much in favors, time, attention, or money they will not date you because they know that it won’t be a good investment.

This sign favors predictable people. Sure, they like it if you’re a little bratty or need their help with some things, too, as long as they can count on the size of the favor needed, because it will make them feel needed and useful. This sign is a provider. Think of them as a credit union. How do you turn a banker off? By never paying off your loans.

The other thing that turns a banker  or Capricorn  off is never needing anything. Remember that building up your credit takes having many small needs, and always paying for them at the end of a month in a consistent manner. This is also exactly what it takes to keep a Capricorn happy.


Ask an Aquarius out but don’t tell them what the date will be like. As long as you have a plan, even if it’s moving to Mars and joining an alien cult, they will reject it. Instead, just see how things turn out and you might have a nice, domestic life together.

It’s not the nature of a plan that turns off an Aquarius — it’s the existence of one altogether. This is the sign of seeing how things pan out as they go. Turn off your Aquarius by structuring hangouts or relationship labels. Never call your Aquarius person your girlfriend or partner or wife. Just call them your human. This guarantees, in Aquarius’ mind, that they’re not being used for anything in the relationship, which they hate.

This is also the fixed air sign of the zodiac, so Aquarius comes predisposed to certain social niches. If they already hate tech people for whatever political reason, then you’re out of luck. If they already hate parents and you have a kid, then nothing you do will make Aquarius change their ways.


The number one Pisces turn-off is someone who is too similar to Pisces. They want to blur boundaries and bend ideas. Let them think that they are blowing your mind or saving your life and you’ll join their romantic fantasy.

Pisces doesn’t want someone in the same social clique as they are. In fact, they won’t operate cliqueishly at all and will reject anyone who does. It’s even a turn-on for Pisces to date across social status lines. The Cinderella story is very Pisces.

To turn Pisces off, simply be too similar to them. Be someone who understands them because you have a similar background. Then, show your lack of empathy for those different than you in some way. Become a carbon copy of your friends. After that, rest assured, there’s no way Pisces will ever date you.

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