Tittypix Creates Custom Boob Paintings While Helping Indie Artists Survive COVID

A Brooklyn-based artist is creating custom paintings of breasts to promote self-love and support artists during COVID-19.

A Brooklyn-based artist is creating custom paintings of breasts to promote self-love and support artists during COVID-19.

Fallon Smalberg first founded TittyPix back in 2018. Since then, she’s painted over 300 sets of breasts, and her subjects have called the portraits “healing” and “empowering.”

On April 24, Smalberg launched the official TittyPix website at tittypix.me. Despite the pandemic, she’s continuing to create from within her apartment in Williamsburg — and her creative approach to body positivity and empowerment is arguably more needed now than ever.

“In these unprecedented times, Fallon wants to create a platform which provides accessibility to healing spaces and self care experiences to tata-owners looking for different ways to engage with the art and the artist despite the physical separation,” a press release from TittyPix said.

A portion of proceeds from each TittyPix will also go toward helping artists survive the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

“During a crisis, Fallon feels it is essential to help artists continue creating and providing for themselves and their families,” the press release read. “To give back to those who make this city so great, 10% of the proceeds from each TittyPic will go to the ArtBridge COVID-19 Artist Relief Fund.”

This isn’t the organization’s first time engaging in “thoughtful giving.” Previously, TittyPix has donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Trevor Project, No Kid Hungry, and Everytown.

Smalberg intends to keep being intentional about engaging with the community once the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, too.

“Fallon plans to host her TittyPix much delayed one year anniversary party – complete with live TittyPix portrait sessions – to celebrate the reacquainting of our bodies with the outside world,” the press release explained.

The artist has worked with a range of people, including GO’s own Dayna Troisi, Sex Educator April Davis, Hey Alma writer and sex news podcast Seven Minutes in Heaven co-host Arielle Kaplan, NYC sister band The Parkers, and model Danae Kristine.

If you’re interested in getting your very own TittyPic, hit up tittypix.me or direct message Fallon Smalberg on Instagram.


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