Precious Pussy of the Month

Whitey is being raised to fight the good fight with mommies Jill Abrams—a journalist, film maker and gay activist who much prefers spending time with cats than with most
people—and Victoria Minetta.

Name: Whitey Ford

Mommy: Jill Abrams

Age: 6 month old kitten

Sex: baby boy

Ethnicity: one of a kind

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Residence: shares time between two luxurious cat condos: one carpeted, the other fleece with a gymnasium towering all the way to the ceiling

Occupation: dive bombing and wrestling his two older brothers

Favorite Toys: water bottle cap smacked around like an ice hockey puck for hours in the tub

Favorite Leisure Activity:
craves full bodily contact with others when not suckling

Favorite Foods: organic kosher chicken

Pet Peeve: being pulled out of the sink while still urinating in it

Least Favorite Phrase:
“Good night.”

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