Get Ready for the Lez Volley Tournament in Cherry Grove

Kick up some sand, people!

Oh, yes…GAME ON. We wait all summer for this! At noon on Saturday, August 15, the Lez Volley Tournament will take place on the beach at Sand Castle in Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

The deadline for team registration was July 18, but you can still join in the fun, sip a frosty cocktail (or three) and cheer on the players.

Kristine of K-OZ and Danielle Presents are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their beachy Lez Volley event—and it promises to be the best ever. So come out to Fire Island this weekend, enjoy the pounding surf and watch sexy women as they play volleyball and sweat in the sand. GO's very own softball team will be spikin' it out there, so please cheer them on!

After a hot day at the beach, head to the chill after party at Cherry’s Bar and Grill. The fun kicks off at 4pm, so pace yourself as you dance and drink the night away with DJ Susan Levine and DJ Stacy pumping the beats.

And while you're in Cherry Grove, pick up a copy of GO's Summer-Pride issue–jam-packed with 100 pages of features, including our annual 100 Women We Love.

Who wants to be stuck in the city this Saturday? Grab your beach towel. Lez volley!

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