The Dish: Ellen’s Coming Out Anniversary, Lesly Wants to Be the Grindr for Lesbians

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We have an exclusive interview with Ellen Page about LGBTQ life in Trump’s America, which she delves into with co-host/BFF Ian Daniel on this Sunday’s very special episode of “Gaycation.” They took great pains to make sure it was a reflection of our intersectional community, and it’s very honest without being too depressing because, lez be honest, we need some hope.

Speaking of Ellen’s, it’s the 20th anniversary of Ellen’s coming out this Sunday and everyone’s talking about it, including Ellen and her co-stars on today’s episode of her show. “The Puppy Episode” was a watershed moment in lesbian (and gay) visibility, as it was the first time an out actor played an out character leading her own show. And the show got even gayer in its fifth season, which some argue led to its cancellation, but Ellen was proud nonetheless, and it pushed the needle forward in such an important, immeasurable way. This anniversary is something to celebrate!

British soap “EastEnders” is angering fans with having yet another (the third this year!) previously gay-identified character return to heterosexuality. The latest is (was?) a lesbian character, Tina Carter, who recently slept with a man on the show. Now if they have a conversation about bisexuality and sexual fluidity, maybe this can be saved. (Doubtful.)

Lesbian musician Susan Surftone was exiting a flight recently when she was blocked by three men who started calling her a dyke, among other things, and then, “This is America.” In an op-ed she wrote about the experience, she detailed how Donald Trump’s presidency was clearly affecting how some people think they can treat others, including anyone who reads as queer.

The HRC is calling for the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church (UMC) to support the appointment of openly lesbian Rev. Karen Oliveto as Bishop, which is currently being challenged as some argue that her “election violates the Book of Discipline.” Oliveto addressed the concerns in a passionate open letter, writing: “I know there are many who are lamenting my election. Our task is to love deeply, which means standing before those who are angry, anxious, or fearful and be a witness to all they are feeling, and to remain in relationship through the power of Christ’s love. The best of our United Methodist tradition is when we can hold the tension of our differences for the sake of our mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. God has called us for such a time as this. Can we do it? ‘Lord, we are able!’” If only love was more of a priority for those who prioritize power.

You know, when well-meaning straight women say they think being a lesbian would be “easier,” I ask them to consider stories like this. 23-year-old Naomi Harrison of Blackburn (in Lancashire, England) broke up with girlfriend Kyra Grieve to start dating Danielle Hubbard. Well, Kyra then started dating Danielle’s ex, Jessica Kay, and that’s when things got a little out of hand. One night (“after drinking”), Naomi and Danielle went to Kyra’s to get some things of Naomi’s (including a passport and birth certificate) when they allegedly assaulted Kyra and Danielle, damaging a car and bedframe. Naomi and Danielle pled guilty and were fined for damage and assault, and are also now under restraining orders for two years, which will make it hard for them to all go to any lesbian parties in the Blackburn area.

“Three Generations” has received a hard-fought PG-13 rating after Weinstein Co. agreed to “some edits as a compromise.” The film is about a transitioning teen (Elle Fanning) and also stars Susan Sarandon as his lesbian grandmother, and the filmmakers and studio were intent on not carrying an R rating that would keep queer youth from being able to see it in theaters.

A new lesbian-themed thriller, “Bad Girl,” is out in Australia this week and it’s about an intense female friendship that turns sexual and also possibly violent. So I’m thinking it’s not a love story with a happy ending.

Robyn Crawford‘s father has confirmed his daughter’s romance with Whitney Houston. The conversation surrounding her death being fueled by biphobia in her life and the strain of her relationships with both Robyn and Bobby Brown is becoming more of a point of discussion, despite Houston’s family’s attempts to keep it under wraps.

There’s a new app specifically looking to help lesbians hook up. Lesly is the Grindr for gay girls. Founder Carina (who apparently goes by one name like Cher or Madonna) wants to “encourage as many steamy nights of passion between lesbians, and encourage curious women to try it at least once.” It’s free, but it appears you have to pay to message someone, so…

Photo by Lesly

Lesbian bars are dying in London, too, and it’s partly because apps (like Lesly!?!) are making it easier to meet women outside of clubs. Also, this story alleges, the community is more mixed now, and a lot of queer people hang out in the same spaces without it being women-specific. All of these things are true but we still deserve spaces to claim as our own, and not just for sex or romance. (And for the record, those spaces should be open to anyone who identifies as wholly or partly a woman.)

This is the best headline I’ve seen today: “Steamy drama ‘Below Her Mouth’ doesn’t even buy you dinner first.” This movie is sex, sex, sexy and it’s out in theaters today. And if you happen to be in LA or NY, there are some official screenings and after-parties you might want to hit up. Bonus: We have an interview with director April Mullen in our new issue coming out next week.

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The Root has a fantastic profile of Jessamyn Stanley, a fat, black, queer femme and the author of “Every Body Yoga.” “As a marginalized person,” she says in the video below, “it’s very important to do this kind of work because my yoga practice does ultimately turn into a kind of social resistance in addition to being a way that I can look within myself.” As a queer chubby femme who loves yoga, I am so happy to see her doing this work, especially because so many people have preconceived notion of who yoga is for, and that it’s some kind of exclusive club for Lululemon-wearing straight white ladies.

Charlize Theron must have known I was talking about her last night because she offered some background on her Sapphic affair in “Atomic Blonde.” “I remember sitting in a room one day thinking about how do you make this different from other spy movies,” Theron said. “It’s really hard. Who is going to be the love interest? [Screenwriter] Kurt [Johnstad], who’s a punk rock writer, suggested she falls in love with a woman. It’s unexpected. It’s refreshing. Everybody says you can’t do that — which is such bullshit. Why is it that James Bond can sleep with every girl in every movie and nobody says, ‘Wow, he’s not in love with them?’ Am I the only person who — long, long ago before I had children — had a one-night stand with somebody from a club? Nobody else has done that before?” Please raise your hand if you had a one-night stand with Charlize Theron. Also, can she be cast as the next James Bond? I LOVE HER.

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The Dish: Ellen's Coming Out Anniversary, Lesly Wants to Be the Grindr for Lesbians
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The Dish: Ellen's Coming Out Anniversary, Lesly Wants to Be the Grindr for Lesbians
Ellen celebrates the 20th Anniversary of her Coming Out Episode
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