Workin It (Part 1) 2009

The first 18 of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs!

Kimberlee Williams
Principal / Marketing Director, Femworks, LLC

Kimberlee Williams felt like she’d hit the glass ceiling in the corporate world. She says, “So what does one do when you have more marketing intuition than your boss? I decided to start my own firm.” Williams and a business partner, Tamara A. Fleming, launched FEMWORKS, LLC from their living rooms in 2004. A multicultural marketing agency and photography studio based in Newark, New Jersey, FEMWORKS offers expertise in multicultural markets, and has a niche focus on African Americans, women and the African American gay and lesbian community. “Our first clients were folks that we knew from working together on projects for former employers. Those initial clients knew us and trusted the quality of our work.” Working with clients like the Sundance Channel and Census 2010, FEMWORKS helps increase recognition and brand awareness of local LGBT initiatives such as Newark’s African American Office of Gay Concerns, Newark-Essex Pride Coalition, and Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church. – KW

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