Workin It (Part 1) 2009

The first 18 of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs!

Shasta Marlowe
Owner, Bow Wow Ventures

Not just any ordinary dog walking company, Shasta Marlowe founded Bow Wow Ventures as an “off-leash, romp n’ play” training service in the Hills of Oakland, CA. It comes as no surprise that Marlowe’s wandering spirit permeates her pup philosophy, having been raised on a cotton, alfalfa and hay farm with cows, horses and other animals roaming the grounds. Marlowe’s mission is to teach dogs “to be better canine citizens” through guidance during social activities and interaction with people on the trails. She started her company out of the hatchback of her Honda – “It looked like a doggie clown car with all these pups’ heads sticking out of the window,” says Marlowe. She now boasts a client roster over 100. Her passion is seen in every walk, interaction, and dog bond she creates. “The key to my success is to do what I love and enjoy every minute of it. I never get bored of walking dogs!” – KD

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