Women We Love 2022: Jodie Dawson & Kristine Ellis-Petrik

Photo by Neil Grabowsky

Jodie Dawson & Kristine-Ellis Petrik

A clinical psychologist and an award-winning journalist walk into a coffee shop: what sounds like the setup for a joke is a dream fully realized for Dr. Jodie Dawson (r) and Kristine-Ellis Petrik. In 2011, the couple founded Java Love Coffee Roasting Company, now a multi-million dollar franchise with four storefronts in New Jersey and upstate New York. “Our goal is to make people’s day just a little bit brighter with some kick-ass coffee while supporting our local communities, caring for our environment with sustainable practices, and creating safe spaces for our staff and customers in our shops,” says Dawson, who recently relaunched her life coaching practice to mentor women through career transitions and entrepreneurship. The couple knows firsthand that risk can equal reward. “Jodie and I did not start this adventure with a well-thought-out business plan,” Petrik, a former video editor for CNN and senior producer on several national news programs, admits. “We started with a passion for our community and an enthusiasm to create a place for people to gather.” Known for its phenomenal customer service as much as its excellent coffee, Java Love and the self-pro- claimed “accidental entrepreneurs” behind it are going strong with a community focus. After the business celebrated its 10th anniversary, Petrik says, she and Dawson “came to realize…we were truly a part of our communities, we had created safe and inviting places to gather, and came to realize our damn good coffee had become a vehicle to share love.” –LE

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